By now, it should be perfectly obvious that we have a president
whose only aim is tyrannical power. In total disregard of the
rights of individual citizens, and even large organizations who
don’t “belong” to the “aristocracy,” the man in the WH uses
whatever means available to solidify his power, and, at the same
time, demonize those who disagree with him. There seems to be
nothing within his grasp that would equate to ethical behavior,
and that is desperately wrong in our form of government, or any,
for that matter. The man has no obvious regard for our
Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or even normal human relations.

News constantly “leaking” out over the IRS scandal; Benghazi
scandal; Fast and Furious scandal, and, not the least of all –
the Affordable Care abomination – the list just continues to grow
unabated. How can a president continue to hold power with just
these issues percolating on his front burner? And these seem to
be only the tip of the iceberg, as damning as they are.

The good folks who attempt to keep some semblance of control of
our illegal immigration problems are now balking at the “gang of
eight’s” current attempt at passing something that is supposed to
solve our burgeoning problem. According to what has become an
obvious “unenforcing” of illegal immigration, the new bill would
only exacerbate an already egregious policy. And the President
seems only too happy that his efforts are proving disastrous on a
99.2% approval of illegal immigrants’ integration, no matter what
their skills, background or criminal records indicate. Is there
no honor at the top? It seems that that question has already
been answered to those who supremely care about the direction
this country is facing.

The ongoing persecution of “True the Vote” by a federal cabal is
absolutely alarming. A non-profit group, whose only interest is
in valid voting procedures, has been enduring an unending
nightmare of probing and harassment that resembles Soviet
tactics. Is there any question from whence this all originates?

Congress has passed literally dozens of laws to outlaw the
Presidential misadventures, but the Senate, controlled by his
henchmen, who are actually accomplices in his unconstitutional
power grabs, will do nothing to stem the flow. One can’t help
but wonder if there is not one Democrat in the entire Senate who
will step forward, out of moral outrage, and exert some influence
in the direction of that feckless group. I didn’t know that
either the Senate or the House had a mandate to support the
President. Ignorantly, I thought they were independent bodies
who supported sensible legislation and worked as checks on the
balance of power. It seems I have been wrong. Harry Reid is
constantly berating and belittling the House for what he should
be listening to and working to resolve…but it seems that he is
also blinded by power. Such is the working of those who have
attained such power that they can no longer relate to “normal”
social etiquette, or governance.

The “hidden agenda” is no longer hidden. In fact, it has been
evident for quite some time…about five years, that “change” is
ugly and only getting worse. Buying votes; intimidating those
whose only interest is in valid voting; spying on suspected
“enemies,” who just happen to be legal citizens interested in the
rule of law; outlawing legal ownership of firearms, all the while
buying up billions of rounds of ammunition; actively advocating
for “adoption” of homosexual power. Ugliness doesn’t stop at the
skin – it goes right to the heart. For our “lawmakers,” who
constantly grind the law into confetti, there is a pasture out
there…and that’s where they belong. And there should already
be one out there waiting to greet them.