There is a conservative rebellion going on. There is resurgent conservative Tea Party, I don’t care what you call it, energy out there that the Drive-Bys probably know exists but they’re in a state of denial. Just as they try to write that the Tea Party is dead and the Occupy movement is where it’s really at, they know that it’s 180 degrees out of faze. They know that the Occupy movement is dead and it was never real to begin with. They know that the Tea Party is real, that it is huge, that it is reverberating, that it is effervescing, and it is exploding.

The Senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin, refused, after he voted yesterday, to tell anybody if he voted for Obama. He wouldn’t admit, in a Democrat primary, where a federal inmate won eight counties. And this guy, if you watched Justified, that federal inmate is West Virginia’s: Boyd Crowder. Obama essentially lost to a Boyd Crowder-type guy, if you watch Justified. If you don’t watch Justified that analogy isn’t gonna mean anything to you, and it’s sad that it doesn’t. Boyd Crowder is an incredible character on one of the best TV shows on television. The character is your average Kentucky hayseed drug running, moonshining, sophisticated — nevertheless — criminal.

Well, James Carville is not spinning it. James Carville, both written and spoken word, is basically spanking the Democrats. (imitating Carville) “You people think you can’t lose this? You think you can’t lose this? I’ll tell you what, you’re gonna be in gumbo if you don’t wake up.” He is nervous. This gay marriage business… Oh, North Carolina. Let me tell you something. All the news stories: “North Carolina Defeats Same-Sex Marriage.” It’s not what happened in North Carolina. They’d already done that. What the constitutional amendment in North Carolina was was simply a definition of marriage. And they put it in their constitution that the definition of marriage cannot change. It is a union of a man and a woman, and that’s it, and they put it in the constitution in the form of this amendment that was voted on and that won big. That was huge. That was pretty much expected. But it’s still a shock and a disappointment.

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