This is the time that tries men’s souls; indeed.  Civilizations
cannot long exist without a solid foundation.  That is one of the
basics that we learn as we study history.  The foundation must
comprise a blend of nobility, truth, compassion, honesty, morality,
law and care of the infirm and elderly.  It must subject each citizen
to the same set of laws.  To remain in the society, one must expect to
abide by those precepts, as well as to expect his neighbors to do the
same.  Without these, by the basic definition, there is no
civilization.  The anarchy of the 60’s hastened the demise of truth as
we once knew it.

Reversal of the language and an attempt to obfuscate prior
meanings have resulted in confusion and a public which is fearsome of
saying what it really means.  When even the government is intimidated
by raucous elements to abandon rational sanity, those elements pushing
for special rights, will find that the very government meant to
protect all its citizens will become a tool to be used against them.
And when, finally, enough hate is generated from unsavory and lop-
sided demands, collapse is not far off.  Witness the multitude of hot-
spots around the world – and wonder.

Attempts to sway legislation to condone practices once found
illegal, destructive and immoral, are serious signs of decay in a
civilization that, for over two hundred years, has been admired by all
the world.  America is made up of people from almost every country and
ethnic background in the world – people seeking a country based on
solid and humane precepts – freedom – Biblical precepts – a foundation
that doesn’t change with every whim and fancy.  But with each new
generation and immigrant influx, it seems, the moral fabric assumes
new colors.  The workmen who built the wall are all dead.  The
destruction crew has taken their place.  Unless the guards on the walls
remain alert, the walls will fall.  And the country won’t be far behind.

The question remains: where do we go from here?  It is a thought
that has bothered me for some time.  And no answer has come forth.
The inexorable slide into depravity seems to have no letup.  Wars and
rumors of wars continue unabated and if a lesson has been learned at
all, it is that the human mind, without God, is capable of the worst
evil that man can imagine.  A just society has no need for laws.  The
Biblical statement says it in plain words: laws are made for the
unjust.  So when we look at the uncountable laws that have been
enacted, we come to some understanding about how evil society has
become.  Agreed, perhaps a vast number of them are duplicates,
archaic, no longer needed, or just plain stupid to begin with.  But
the fact remains, someone had the inspiration that we needed “another”
law…for the mind of man was continual to do evil.

During the “prohibition era,” more liquor flowed that when it was
legal.  The laws enacted, of course, were thought to be able to outlaw
this evil substance.  Did we learn anything from this?  Is outlawing
guns any more sensible?  Do lawmakers really believe that outlaws,
criminals and anyone intent on mayhem is going to trot down to the
local paper pushers and register their gun?  Of course our good AG
knows a thing or two of gun smuggling; that removes the onus of having
to buy one, register it, take safety courses, finger print…once
you’re in quicksand, it doesn’t get any better.  But there is one law
on the books that was actually thought out – it’s commonly referred to
as the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

When one man in a close community can abduct, imprison, torture,
rape and kill a number of young people without authorities or near
neighbors having any suspicion for a decade, any number of laws seemed
to have been incapable of stymieing this evil.  More laws will be just
as useless.  So, the volume of laws on the books are only indicative
of the failure of the society to lead its people in the “paths of
righteousness.”  More laws can’t do it.  But there are ten old ones
that still can.