Atlanta – Set for January 13, 2012, The Documentary Runaway Slave releases on the celebratory weekend of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. After over a year of filming and editing, the documentary is set to hit the big screen in theaters across the country and bring its powerful and hardhitting message to the people of America.

Matt Kibbe, President of Freedom Works Foundation says, “We are incredibly excited to be a part of this project. C.L. Bryant’s story and journey combined with the team Luke Livingston has assembled to produce the film will result in a masterpiece that will spark a political discussion unlike any we’ve heard in the past 50 years.”

Pastor and former NAACP Chapter President Bryant, “The Runaway Slave”, contacted Livingston after seeing his work on the critically acclaimed Tea Party: The Documentary Film. Bryant was impressed by the work of Livingston’s team, and pitched his idea of doing a documentary about black conservatism in America. With the help of many individuals, and Freedom Works, Inc., a new project began.

“I was once a black radical… I was sold out to the cause. But my personal faith and convictions caused the NAACP to strip me of my title for reasons you’ll hear in the movie. It was then that my eyes opened to the oppression of our government on the black community, and I became a conservative at home and in the ballot box. My involvement with the Tea Party put my name on a national stage and allowed this project to take flight.” says Bryant.
Bryant’s admiration for Dr. King prompted the idea of releasing the documentary the same weekend as the national holiday honoring the Civil Rights hero.

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