Godfather Politics suffers a problem that all websites that allow readers to comment encounter. We receive foul language as well as disgusting and inappropriate comments that would be more commonly found in a setting of an uneducated group of people. There is also the occasional violent comment that calls to kill or maim someone or a group of people. Most of our readers would agree that this type of language is morally out of bounds and does not further good discussion. It typically incites more inappropriate comments and name-calling. The topic under discussion gets lost and turns other readers off from even wanting to visit the website again. I know this because we get the complaints.

One way to counter this behavior is to moderate our comments. Godfather Politics does not have a full-time staff, so we rely on an automated system to pull SPAM or foul comments for us. The system isn’t perfect but it works well enough for our purposes. There are legitimate comments that get pulled which we try to approve when we catch them. Blame the troublemakers for ruining the discussion for the rest of us.

We notice a unified theme across those who make these awful comments which is “your violating my First Amendment rights!!” Guess what. No, we are not. We are practicing our right to engage in as wholesome of a private business relationship with our readers as possible. You are guaranteed no right to say what you want, when you want it in a private setting that someone else is paying for, namely, Godfather Politics.

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