Most of us in the United States were brought up to “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. I grew up in a time when most kids went to Sunday School or had some kind of basic religious education. My wife and I did the same for our daughters as they grew up. I suspect a far lower percentage of young people today are given that same advantage. I use the word advantage because it allows children a chance to examine history, philosophy, and a worldview that is unavailable in a public school system.

A main focus of this training was that one should understand their fellow man and realize that it is alright to be different. Skin color or clothing styles or attending a different church is not a bad thing. Those differences should be accepted and understood. Not all people must think alike. Rational and honest debate was appropriate to a mature civilization.

Then something very strange happened. While most of us were convinced and truly believe that the United States is the greatest country in the history of the world and our people should be steeped in it’s history, some people took a sharp left turn. Suddenly the country that saved Europe twice and expended money and blood to free people that were oppressed became evil in the minds of some.

These people were clever. They put together a philosophy that was attractive to young minds. They started teaching that philosophy and molding those minds. It took time. But they devoted that time. Many saw through it, but many were won over. Suddenly debate was bad. Accept their ideas or they will do everything that they can to destroy you publicly and any other way possible. They surfaced where they would have the most influence, teaching and the media.

Now there are whole segments of our population that can be publicly hated, treated with disdain and insulted without remorse. Conservatives can be called knuckle dragging Neanderthals with more concern engendered about insulting Neanderthals than Conservatives. They are described as loving guns and religion, as if that is a bad thing. The “elite” (that is how liberals think of themselves) refer to conservative states as flyover country. Really not even worth driving through.

White folks are all racists and they are the only racists. Chris Mathews, a man who is so white he glows, put forth that idea. So now, automatically, anyone that disagrees with our President or Attorney General or any number of people that are easy to disagree with on principle, is a racist. That will stifle debate pretty quickly. When someone accuses you of being a racist, it is pretty hard to prove you are not. So, it is OK to publicly hate racists. They have to be evil and cruel to have those bad thoughts even if they don’t really think that way.

Christians are terrible people. Particularly Roman Catholics and Protestant Evangelicals. They are waging a war on women and wish to destroy their reproductive rights. Come on, who in their right mind doesn’t love abortion. The right to kill unborn children is inherent or something. And what parent wouldn’t want their eleven year old daughter to have free access to birth control. Both before and after the fact. Those Christians would try to make you believe this is a matter of faith. They believe human life is sacred, even before birth.
They also claim to believe that they think young people should respect themselves and not take part in adult behavior before they are ready. So you can say all the terrible things that you want about Christians. That is acceptable.

The elderly. Now that is an entirely different situation. You can’t speak ill of the elderly because there are some very rich old people out there that support liberal causes. George Soros and Warren Buffett for example. But the old folks are a drain on society. So the administration claims a love for the oldies. But don’t listen to what they say, observe what they do. The first two years of this administration there was no increase in social security. They claimed that the cost of living didn’t go up. But both years they raised pay for federal employees because the cost of living went up. Now they are proposing a new method of calculating COLAs so they will just go up less. Meanwhile Medicare cancer patients are being denied chemotherapy. I think we understand what is going on.

As you read this, you might think to ask how did this all get started. It couldn’t be spontaneous. It had to be organized. I think it was organized in the early stages. But later became a self sustaining movement. After WWII there was a number of “intellectuals” that became enamored with Communism. Don’t forget Russia was our ally during the war. I believe Russia encouraged and provided support to these people in the early years. Along came the radical sixties and it became radical chic. It was angry young people spitting in the face of government. Now these people, all grown up, with media encouragement, act as the elite, and they get to decide who it is alright to hate.