Over four years ago, candidate Obama promised America “Hope and Change”. It has been a long four years. The struggle been endless. Our new President has never rested, well, except for vacations, and golf, and basketball, and date nights, and endless campaigning, until his task was complete. Today that promise is the pinnacle of our Presidents achievements.

Class mobility has always been a core benefit of American society. You could start out poor. Work hard. Lead a frugal life. Move into the middle class seamlessly. You could see to it that your children received a better education than you had. The next generation moved higher yet up the societal ladder. After a few generations, with some luck, and continued hard work, your descendants might be even thought of as well-to-do, if not rich. It was the American way.

But our young President wasn’t satisfied with this. Generational changes took far too long. There had to be a way to make things move faster. He pondered on this problem for hours. He had the time, because, as you will remember, he was not resting. After days of deep thought. Not as deep thought as is needed filling out the brackets for March Madness, but deep none the less. He had an idea. Not a whole plan. Plans are complicated and have to be written down. The less that is put in writing, the better.

Our noble President realized that the answer had to lie with government. Actually, that was not a far reach, as he really thinks that the answer to everything lies in government. But if all that is true, and he was convinced of the truth, after all it was his idea so he must be right. Oops, make that correct. Not right. Right is a bad word. Make that correct. Please!

So, our illustrious President thought, if we are to provide social mobility, it will cost. We need more money. This does not come as a surprise, because politicians always think that they need more money. “So let’s raise taxes to acquire the needed lucre” our liberal President proclaims. “Good idea. Hit the rich”, his well trained minions agree. Sounds good says the Prez.

And so it was. But then, those that were allowed inside the bubble told their master, “Unemployment is up.”. The president pondered for a few seconds and thought that was perfect. “We can raise taxes again so we have even more money and extend unemployment for two years.” And so it was. And even more people lost their jobs and went on unemployment. But finally the Presidents program showed progress. You see, even with two years of coverage, people started running out of unemployment. They no longer were counted as unemployed. They had fallen off of the back end of the statistics. Because of that, the unemployment numbers started improving slightly. Our optimistic President said “Look the economy is improving. What a good job we have done.”.

But the easily ignored truth is that forty percent of the population is un or under employed. This is the lowest number of Americans employed since the mid 1970s. Meanwhile the pay levels of those Americans still employed have dropped by about ten percent. It used to take a generation for people to move up from poor to middle class. President Obama has surely speeded up class mobility. It is now possible to go from middle class to down to poor in just two year. Those are the fruits of “Hope and Change”.