Once penned was the phrase “United we stand, divided we fall,” by Aesop in a long ago era. Today we citizens of the United States are being divided. This division seems to grow more intense with every day. The list of divisions is long and arduous. Debates are heated and many. They range from pro-abortion to pro-life, gun control to no gun control, big spending to fiscal responsibility, pro Obama to anti Obama, closed border to open border and the list goes on.

There is one division which is intensifying faster and is becoming more defined than any of the others. It reaches across the lines of race and party. It brings together people of different cultures and opposing political view. It equalizes the rich and the poor onto the same level. It is the great divider of our nation… it is the belief in liberty.

If you believe in liberty then you believe in freedom for all. If you believe in freedom you believe in the pursuit of happiness. If you believe in the pursuit of happiness you believe in personal accountability. If you believe in personal accountability you believe in honesty. If you believe in honesty you believe in morals. If you believe in morals then you believe in integrity. If you believe in integrity then you believe in hard work. If you believe in hard work then you believe in achievement, if you believe in achievement you believe in personal progress. If you believe in personal progress then you believe in doing your best. If you believe in doing your best then you believe in independence. If you believe in independence you believe in liberty… and it starts all over and is like the book by Laura Numeroff, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” and who doesn’t love that book! This belief system is the great divider of today. It is also bringing about an enormous joining together of like-minded people.

If you believe in liberty you naturally are drawn to other people and groups who believe in liberty. The desire for liberty makes a person cringe at the current state of affairs in our Nationals Capital. A feeling like that which one feels with the sound of fingernails on a blackboard, shivers through the soul of those who love the morals and the liberties which our country was founded upon, when they hear what is being said on Capital hill.

The love of our country and all the good that it has always stood for has no room for bias or bigotry. Has no room for deceit and falsehoods. Has no room for moral decay and atrocities. This love cannot abide with racial hate and discrimination. Nor can the love of liberty and the pursuit of happiness exist within the same walls as communism. Either a person is for big government control or for liberty and individual freedom. A person cannot be for both. They are like oil and water. This is the great divide taking place in our country today.

Ask yourself where you stand on this divide. Are you a person who loves to be free? Do you like having someone who is always watching over your shoulder dictate your course in life?

As a parent I have tried very hard to teach my children correct principles. Once they were thus taught I then stood back and watched them govern themselves. When they were small I watched them like a mother hawk. If they approached danger I did not withhold my restraining hand. As they grew though they were allowed to feel the pain of their own errors in life, and thus they grew into independent thinkers, responsible for their own actions… free to be themselves.

Have we as a nation learned from our mistakes yet? To me our government should be run in this same manner allowing the people to govern themselves.

Do you desire to have the liberty to govern yourself? Then find other people, neighbors, friends, and family who think the same. Reach out to those around you who believe in self-worth, who love liberty, who believe in the integrity of this great nation and desire for our country to pursue a course of action that enables growth of unity; a unity of liberty like never before seen. Reach out to other like thinkers and do so without regard for race or position. Look past the color of skin, beyond the boundaries of culture, past ideologies of religion, beyond to the individual who loves liberty. Join hands with each other and unite in one great force that will rid our country of tyranny… together fight for your belief in liberty.