As an avowed news junky, I read news on-line, I watch news on TV, and I discuss the news with those few people left that I don’t bore to death discussing the news. Most of the folks that enjoy discussing the news with me are, like me, old of body but not of mind. All of us are concerned with the condition of the country and the direction in which our country is headed. I listened to part of a lecture, in the form of a news conference, by our lecturer-in-chief, a few days ago. As usual he explained in infinite detail how he has all the answers. He truly doesn’t. He further explained how any that oppose him have evil intentions and wish to destroy modern civilization. They truly don’t. He went into detail on the idea that, if he were given all he wants of other peoples money, the world will be cured of the seven deadly sins. That is not going to happen.

His opposition, whether they be of a red stripe or blue stripe, claim either that he doesn’t tax enough or he spends too much. It seems that the people that agree with him are either members of Congress, Joe Biden, or blood relatives. It’s not just the spending, it is the passing out our money to companies, people, organizations, and countries that don’t deserve it that is the problem. Or at least one big part of it.

The President promised that there would be no middle class tax hike. He’s only going to penalize those nasty rich people he said. And then, New Year surprise, just about everyone had their taxes go up. Oh, he just forgot to mention the Social Security Tax. Whoops! Some have suggested taxing drivers on the amount of miles they drive. I thought we already had that. I believe it is called the gasoline tax. They claim that the tax on gasoline is insufficient so they must have both taxes. Has there ever been a tax they found sufficient.

They are now even taxing medical devices. Looking for a new knee or hip. Figure on a tax on that. What’s next? Baby food and anti-biotics. Maybe I shouldn’t say that too loud, a politician might be listening..

Most reasonable people think that the government takes enough of our hard earned money. Since most in government aren’t all that reasonable they disagree and want more. Even to the point of borrowing money from countries that would do us harm. Here is an interesting factoid. We borrow huge sums of money from China to support our spending habits and then turn around and give some of that money back to China as “foreign aid“. That is very weird.

I like to think of myself as a problem solver. If I see a problem I’ll think about to the point of losing sleep. At times I even come up with a solution. Maybe not a perfect solution, but a solution. I think I may have the perfect solution to the tax problem. It should supply a degree of tax relief unheard of in our time.

Tax lawyers fees. Take a flat ten percent, more if necessary, from each attorney’s billing or their share of awards. If the action is in federal court, the money goes to the federal government. If the action is in state court, the money goes to the state. Everybody gains. It’s common knowledge that lawyers make huge amounts of money, and they do it with the assistance of government. We pay for the courts and public building where they ply their trade. It’s about time they bellied up and helped pay for the system that earns them their daily bread. I would think that the “powers that be” would be excited and overwhelmed by this magnificent new approach to taxation. I know a great many details must be worked out. As I see it, this is the future of taxation.