Radical feminists are in a bit of a tizzy lately. Some are elated over the possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming President of the United States. For these feminists the prospect of one of their own as America’s chief executive is a tantalizing possibility. The thought of a radical feminist with the power to issue executive orders has some feminists practically drooling. At the same time, other feminists are frustrated because to make herself more compatible with mainstream voters Hillary is downplaying her feminist credentials. My condolences to frustrated feminists (not), but we all know who they will vote for no matter what Hillary Clinton says or does.

Actually, frustrated feminists need not worry, Hillary is still committed to everything they believe in, it’s just that she is more committed to becoming president. As a candidate, Hillary Clinton will do what all Democratic candidates must do—condescendingly and hypocritically lean toward the middle during the campaign. However, should she be elected—Heaven forbid—Hillary will quickly return to her natural place on the left. She is genetically incapable of residing anywhere else on the political spectrum. The duplicity of Hillary Clinton knows no bounds, but it is certainly matched by the hypocrisy of radical feminists. Hence, they deserve each other.

Radical feminists are dedicated Democrats, and Democrats are dedicated multiculturalists except, of course, if the culture in question is based in Christianity. As committed multiculturalists they embrace everything Muslim and make a point of publically demonstrating their preference for Islam. In fact, radical feminists are so determined to demonstrate their self-righteous tolerance of Islam that they manage to conveniently ignore the patriarchal and even brutal treatment of women in Muslim countries. While serving as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton accepted—through the Clinton Foundation—substantial amounts of money from Muslim nations where men treat women in ways that make Bill Clinton look like a saint. Putting aside for the moment the conflict-of-interest issue, one wonders how the world’s most famous feminist justifies her friendly relationships with domineering, patriarchal, and even abusive Muslims. To Muslim leaders Hillary is nothing but a useful fool who should be forced to surrender her driver’s license and wear a burka.

Feminists in America complain unendingly about the supposed condescension of Christianity toward women while somehow managing to overlook the sexual exploitation of women by the atheists, agnostics, and secular humanists in their favorite industry—the entertainment industry. It is difficult to fathom how radical feminists can be so accepting of the blatant exhibitionism that is not just expected but demanded of female entertainers these days. Consider the example of mega-star Beyonce. Beyonce fans who tuned in to the Grammy Awards in 2013 watched—some no doubt in vicarious pleasure and others hopefully in horror—as the mega-star and her husband Jay-Z performed an act that stretched the limits of not just discretion but decency. Where was the feminist outrage? Where were the cries of “sexual exploitation”? Where was the outcry from feminists when Beyonce and her husband were doing things on stage at the Grammys that should be reserved for the privacy of the marriage bed?

Apparently, radical feminists are willing to forgive anything—no matter how degrading it might be to a woman—as long as its purveyors support the cornerstone issue of feminists: abortion on demand. The entertainment industry supports abortion on demand. Therefore, Hillary Clinton and her cronies in the feminist movement support the entertainment industry, and the dignity of women somehow evaporates as an issue. In fact, on that infamous, star-studded night at the Grammys, the audience was packed with feminists. How did they respond to the degradation of one of the most talented women in America? They applauded her “performance.”

However, had Beyonce refused to go along with the demands of her industry or, worse yet, said anything positive about women choosing to work in the home, raising their own children, or protecting innocent human life—all choices women should be supported in making by feminists for whom the holy grail is choice—she would have been run out of town on a rail. Feminists like the idea of choice, but only if women make the choices dictated by feminists. This is hypocrisy at its worst, and Hillary Clinton is the world’s most accomplished practitioner of it.