All of America spent last week in front of TV set rapt in the terrible story coming out of Boston. Never has a news story had this amount of power. Full time coverage live and second by second, from Monday morning when the Boston Marathon started until Friday night when we heard the victorious shout “we got him”, nothing was missed. The cameras got it all. If the professionals missed a shot there were a dozen smart phones that didn’t.

There were faults in the coverage, certainly. That is to be expected. “Experts” with a point of view were interviewed. They tried Their very best to sell that point of view. Most were wrong. Many tried to deny the obvious conclusion that was reached by the average citizen that it was terrorism brought about by jihad. Those pundits were, as they so often are, wrong. Real Americans got it.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force and all the other police agencies involved deserve endless amounts of credit. The technicians that searched through all those videos and the people that worked with the physical evidence are a public asset beyond anything that we see on the TV crime shows. We should be happy and proud that we have people like that protecting us.

That is not to take anything away from those that were on the ground, chasing down leads, and doing interviews. The whole operation, to those of us on the outside, looked like a well rehearsed ballet. To go from two random explosions to the final arrest in four days is amazing.

Now we, as a nation, must get beyond political correctness. These men were Muslims. The people that attacked the twin towers were Muslims. The shooter at Fort Hood was a Muslim. The Time Square bomber was a Muslim. While some claim Islam is a religion of peace, there is certainly a large group within that religion that are far from peaceful. To them, Jihad is not an internal search for Allah. It is a search to harm and kill infidels. That is us.

Our President promised that he would go to the Arab world and repair the damage done by previous administrations. He would explain our place in the world and turn the tide of hate. He went there. He bowed to those that hate us. He passed out money and war materiel. Now they see us as weak. They hate us even more. They no longer fear us and feel free to attack us. In other words our President has failed on his promise.

The two brothers in Boston were cannon fodder. They were expendable ground soldiers. They most likely had an adviser or controller. They had to have training to build these bombs or had someone build them for them. They had to have financial support. Surely they could not have been acting alone. It must be a larger organization. The investigation will go on. Their lives will be torn apart. Every connection will be examined. Their associates will be found if they exist.

But we must grow up and leave the childishness behind us. There are those who would take pleasure in destroying us. We are stalwart people. We will not hide under the covers. We must be better observers. We must practice “situational awareness“. When you are out in public, lose the I-Pod, stop texting. Use your eyes and ears to be part of what is happening around you. You will be protecting yourself, your family, and your country.