Mr. President, do you even read your illegal executive orders before signing them? President Obama and his fellow liberals are so caught up in their own emotional frenzy over gun violence that they are tripping over their own contradictions. A case in point is executive order # 14 on the list of 23 orders President Obama signed on January 16th. This executive order reads as follows: “Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers of Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.” This might actually be a good idea. Before trying to solve the problem of gun violence, first do what is necessary to identify its cause. But this is where President Obama got himself crossed up.
On one hand, the president orders that research be conducted into the causes of gun violence, while on the other hand he is rushes ahead with so-called solutions before he has the findings of the research he ordered. In other words, Barack Obama wants Congress to enact stricter gun-control laws before we even know what causes gun violence. Surely even the most ardent anti-gun liberal can see the ironic illogic in this approach.

As a Second Amendment advocate, I welcome research into the causes of gun violence (although I question the objectivity of research conducted by the CDC or any other government agency). But for the moment, I will put that part of the issue aside. Identifying the causes of gun violence is a good idea, unless of course you are a Hollywood mogul who makes violent movies, the manufacturer of violent video games, or a bleeding heart who thinks violent criminals and mentally disturbed people should not be locked up. In fact, identifying the causes of gun violence is exactly what should be done before any action on gun control is taken.

What studies into the causes of gun violence will show—provided they are undertaken by unbiased researchers—is that the gun control measures proposed by President Obama will not work. The reason these measures will not work is they amount to nothing more than political demagoguery aimed at influencing people who think with their emotions. Obama’s recommendations on gun control—national registration, assault weapons, limited magazine capacity—might make ill-informed, hyper-emotional liberals feel better, but they will do nothing to protect law-abiding citizens from gun violence.

If President Obama’s recommended gun control measures had been fully enacted by Congress prior to the Sandy Hook episode, they would have done nothing to prevent the tragedy. These measures make no more sense than outlawing swimming pools because children drown in them, cars because drivers die in automobile accidents, or spoons because fat people use them to eat things they shouldn’t. Consequently, a level-headed, logical question for President Obama suggests itself: Why are you rushing ahead with supposed solutions to the problem of gun violence before you have even identified the causes of the problem? Any business leader who took this cart-before-the-horse approach would not last a week as a CEO.

Mr. President, you have ordered the CDC to conduct research into the causes of gun violence. Do you have the intellectual honesty to: 1) wait for the results before pushing Congress to pass ill-informed gun control legislation, 2) let your recommendations to Congress be guided by the findings of the research, and 3) contract with an independent, third-party research firm to conduct parallel research studies for the purpose of validating the CDC’s research? If your answer to any of these questions is “no,” you are not interested in reducing gun violence. You are just grandstanding for political advantage. I suspect we already know which of these possibilities is the case.