Somebody, please haul this Steven Miller creep straight into court – the guy is a criminal as far as I’m concerned. He is covering up for the deliberate politicization of the monstrously powerful agency that IRS has become. Perhaps revelations of the taxman’s abuses will allow us to assert real control over the activities of the IRS — the same kind of oversight that the CIA suffers. And if certain US states that restricted the vote in the past must still report to Washington on their electoral record and practices, and get approval for them, why shouldn’t the IRS be accountable to some citizen tax advisory board on ethics, reporting to said Board on practices and giving substantive evidence of the Agency’s neutrality? The IRS has committed grave sins. It needs to be reined in. It needs to be punished. It needs to be cut down to size. Now the already bloated and thoroughly corrupted Service is set to mushroom in power and size with the arrival of that other monster, Obamacare. The result will be something like Godzilla unleashed on America. Think about that.

Miller didn’t seem to be cooperative, or even very smart in his testimony. He sounded smarmy and smart-mouthed. He sounded exactly like a political shill fronting for the real political bosses in the nation’s left-wing machine. It all reminds me of Whitewater and the stonewalling of Clinton cronies Jim and Susan McDougal. The Clintons did it for filthy lucre, but Obama’s inner circle did it for political power. I’m glad I don’t need any favors from the IRS, although getting off our collective backs would be nice of them.

I see Jeb Bush is pushing his immigration line again. He has a stake in the issue, I understand that. He married a Mexican and has wonderful kids who are the kind of mix that is so typical of our country. And he’s a smart guy and much of what he says is sensible. But he needs to give more serious thought to what kind of reform takes place. If reform is largely a move to legalize millions of non-Americans drawn to the US by the employment magnet, then its long-term consequences will not be good. Our demography is tilting perilously toward not only a white minority, but an American-values minority. These are millions of uneducated and unsophisticated aliens who grew up in corrupt undemocratic societies where votes were routinely and with no shame bought and sold, for cash or for favors. That already developed mindset is going to have a powerful impact on our political future. Furthermore, I’m afraid today’s illegals are started out on welfare addiction the minute they cross into the US. They know what they can get and see no shame in taking it. I was getting a manicure the other day and two Vietnamese youths were talking. One had to get married because his girl was pregnant. (Imagine! Getting married!) The other young man was counseling him on the various benefits available to him and his wife, such as free child care, job training, food stamps, rent assistance, etc. I wanted to scream. Asians were always hard workers, and so were Hispanics – but today they, too, are on the gravy train. And they are on the gravy train because the US government encourages it. I have zero confidence that a great many newly-legalized immigrants will not take everything they can get their hands on, once it is available. No matter what the law might start out saying, it’s almost impossible to start taking away benefits once they are given, and all of Europe stands in testimony to that.
The proposed Gang of 8 immigration law doesn’t address the fragmentation of society into ethnic subgroupings, not that it can really do much about it. Today we don’t push assimilation or even proselytize on behalf of assimilation. Today it’s all about diversity, cultural awareness, and moral equivalency. No one way is better than another, and that includes America’s way. Being one out of many is so passé, what American culture promotes today is many out of one. Illegal aliens flying Mexican flags and telling Americans to legalize them immediately is a sign this country has over-empowered a large and growing group of people who ought to be lurking in the shadows as the breakers of the law they are, not saying “come and get me” for the tv cameras and the American public.

Of course our resident Marxists favor concepts like Agenda 21, One World Government, One-Payer Health Care, and One People. So uncontrolled border movement suits them to a tee. Why shouldn’t everybody be allowed to vote in everybody else’s elections? Just think of the opportunities for vote-fixing that would present! I had a bit of a run-in with the wife of a Norwegian military officer with NATO, who smugly asserted that since the US got to meddle in everybody else’s affairs, everybody should get to participate in the US elections. She hoped a lot of foreigners would vote in the US elections. She is getting her wish come true on that score.

God forbid the day should come when these left-wing zombies succeed in foisting their concepts on the world. That will be the day you won’t see a free man anywhere on earth.
Finally, a word on the GOP. They keep shooting themselves in the foot. The Sanford debacle (for the GOP professionals) is only one of many enormous gaffes and missteps. I am getting soliciting phone calls from them that occur with a frequency that spells P-A-N-I-C. If other donors share my views, the Republicans aren’t getting much in the way of donations these days. I gave a fair bit to them in 2012, but now I’m giving to the candidates I support. I’m afraid the RNC has to undergo a more fundamental change in strategy to win any future elections, and I’m tired of funding losers.