Every time there is a governmental crisis, President Obama heads for the hustings on his well used Air Force One. He gets on a stage and, backed up by a bunch of children or blue collar union workers or a dozen or so people in lab coats claiming to be doctors, he, in oratorical grandeur, extols the wisdom of his administration and explains how those stubborn, dastardly, evil Republicans intend to destroy the republic and steal from the poor. It is an act that he repeats as needed. Usually, at least, twice a week.

At this point, various Republicans will stand before various network cameras and try to convince a press corps that doesn’t want to be convinced, that it is the Obama administration that is being intransigent and the Republicans are trying to save the country. The shouting and posturing by both sides will go on for an suitable amount of time. Finally the Republicans will cave in, give Obama what he wants, and quietly slink away.

I suggest that we could save a great deal of time and money if we just went to a one party system. It is the stated object of the President and the Democrat party to destroy the Republican party over the next four years anyway. Since they own the press corps and are expert in the politics of personal destruction, they just might succeed.

I feel qualified to present this case, as I live in a state that is essentially one party for most of my life. The governor, while claiming to be an independent, is more Democrat than any of the Democrats. Of the thirty-eight members of the Senate only five are Republican. Of the seventy-five members of the House, only six are Republican. So for all intents and purposes, I do reside in a one party state.

The first benefit of one partyism is that not a lot of time is wasted in public debate. Things are pretty much decided before any bills hit the floor. They do continue to go through the act of voting on these bills to make it all official. But it all goes the way it has been preordained. Now another feature of one partyism is that the governor becomes a figurehead. I mean, he can travel around and make speeches and do all kinds of honorary ceremonies, but the power remains in the hands of the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House.

Another feature is, that if you want something done and you are a campaign contributor or a close friend, it gets done. No peevish lawsuits or hearings. These people know how to move things along. They can also adjust the tax structure so the politicians have all the money they want to spend on what ever they wish to spend it on. Their motto might be, “you have a program, we have a tax“. So it costs a little extra to live here. I’m sure there are benefits that make it worthwhile.

Now I must admit, the jobs situation is not too good. But then it wasn’t too good even before the country started down the tubes. It was a great area for manufacturing many years ago. But our politicians had the foresight to get on the service economy bandwagon earlier even than the national politicians did. The manufacturing jobs dwindled away but there were bank clerk jobs and book keeping jobs and nice clean jobs like that to replace those dirty sweaty manufacturing jobs. Now we have the second highest unemployment rate in the country.

So if we can get this done on a national basis, the President could just ride around the country and make speeches. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid can run everything in Washington. Then they could just pass all those extra tax and borrowing bills without all the noise and upset. Then they could pass all those nice beneficial laws and regulations that you know they hold dear to their hearts and run the country exactly as they see fit.

Just look at all the other places in the world that has worked out so well. You know. Russia, China, Burma, Zimbabwe.