This may have been the last national election where white voters alone might have determined the outcome.

Rich Baehr:

The Jewish vote does not matter. The hispanic vote does. Slippage among Jews may have helped romney by 80,000 in Florida, but that was wiped out by bigger gains among hispanics to carry the state.

Romney got killed 71-27 among Hispanics nationally. Their share of all the votes jumped from 8 to 10% (in Florida from 14% to 17%). 45% of all Obama votes were from minorities, a record by a big amount. Fewer than 10% of Romney’s were.

The Hispanic share of the vote is only going to expand in 2016. When a candidate can count on 70%, 80%, 90% majorities from significant voting blocs like Hispanics, blacks, and other minorities, it makes the white vote (and especially the white male vote) less relevant to victory.

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