The left’s agenda is easier to spot than a kangaroo in a dinner jacket.

Exceptionalism, as a notion, is repelled by relativists, collectivists, and the academic-media corridor.

It is, of course, in political incorrectness stakes, an unforgivable sin to declare a set of ideas or values to be exceptional. Heck, it’s even unforgivable to give the best kid on the park a trophy; everyone has to get one.

Welcome to the war on exceptionalism.

Teachers warp history to fight the prospect of students determining that American is the greatest country, and the most free, this world has ever seen. Instead of crystallizing, they distort. Instead of truthfully teaching history, they creatively direct it.

The effect of demonizing exceptionalism is to replace upward mobility with downward stability. It’s substituting Belgium for America.

Every individual is equal. But every culture is most certainly not. Where America is about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Sharia is about death, slavery and the pursuit of power. Reality is: they’re incompatible, and America is exceptional.

Exceptionalism is the syrup to America’s pancakes. Without it, it just isn’t the same.

Koalas sleep twenty-three hours a day; that’s why so many of them work for the government!

The left want peace through surrender. Conservatives and patriots want peace through strength. There’s a big difference.

And don’t you love that the people who accuse conservatives of being stuck in the past are the very ones who want to abandon cars and planes for the glory days of trains and bicycles.

We cannot afford to censor ourselves to comfort the left’s ignorance. They are untethered from earthly reality.

Remember, one man with courage is a majority. Vision and self-confidence is infectious.

Get infected, America.