Conservative and liberals alike took to Twitter and the blogosphere in a storm Thursday to offer their reactions to the death of conservative journalist and social media pioneer Andrew Breitbart, who many on both sides remembered as a tenacious and controversial figure.

Breitbart, who died Thursday at the age of 43, was the focus of online tributes — and criticism — from across the political spectrum after news of his death spread on the Internet.

PJ Media CEO Roger L. Simon reflected in a post that “when a whirlwind dies, there is a sudden quiet. Los Angeles this morning is deathly silent.” Simon praised Breitbart’s forward-thinking approach to the Internet and ability to craft brilliant headlines to drive traffic.

“And then came awesome entrepreneurship, spawning web sites the way guppies spawn babies — a man born of the Internet and born for it,” Simon wrote. “No more.”
Calling Breitbart “our Merry Prankster,” Ed Morrissey of HotAir blogged about one of the conservative lightning rod’s most famous moments.

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