There is a two-word phrase that observers on the hard left fear more than any other. The phrase so far exists only on a theoretical plane, but the chances of its becoming a fixture in our vernacular grow by the day as the campaign season slogs inexorably toward its November denouement.

The two words are “President Romney.” The mere thought of them strikes terror into the hearts of those who worship at the twin altars of big government and Barack Obama. Their fears are justified, and the reasons are many.

First, the conversation on Medicare liberals were so eager to have that many practically salivated at the Paul Ryan pick has broken sharply in the Republicans’ favor. A Rasmussen poll conducted last week found that when it comes to the future of Medicare, 47% of likely voters are scared more by the effects of Obamacare than they are by the Ryan plan. Forty-one percent are more frightened by what Ryan has proposed.

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