“I don’t understand why any woman would vote for a Republican.” I see and hear that a lot from liberal acquaintances.

They’re buying into the Left’s media propaganda blitz, of course, which has gotten a shot in the arm from recent Republican “gaffes.”

The Democrats think they’ve struck the mother lode, so to speak, with their “war on women” theme.

But any rational look at the Democratic Party raises the question of why a thinking woman would ever fall for the Left’s line?

Consider what liberalism has done for women — contraception, abortion, “equal” pay. These are signature triumphs to the Left, but what do they really mean?

It’s no secret that the contraception/abortion industry has its roots in the eugenics movement of the early 20th century — the notion of “purifying” humanity by breeding out undesirables.

You can see the intent plainly in the statistics. Blacks and Latinos have abortions in numbers disproportionate to their representation in the overall population. Poor, unmarried women in general are far more likely to have an abortion, at least half the unborn victims of which are girls.

Rather than promote marriage, an institution that is designed to protect women and their offspring, Democrats promote rampant sex and birth control. Rather than promote adoption to those women who become pregnant, Democrats spend taxpayer money to subsidize the abortion industry.

Then look at the “equal” pay issue. This one really sounds good on the surface, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to be paid “equally”?

But despite the Democrats’ pushing the issue for decades, there is still disparity. That’s largely because, when examined, the studies that proclaim such disparities almost always overlook the fact that some women take out time from a career to raise a family.

The Democrats then try to pass “equal” pay laws that sure as day follows night just wind up lowering everyone’s pay by placing one more expensive government burden on businesses, further limiting the freedom of employers and employees to negotiate salaries and benefits.

Put it all together, and what is the Democratic Party’s real message?

It’s that you women aren’t capable of making it in business under your own power, and unless you do make it, your best use is for sex (which we encourage you to have often, as young as possible, with as many different people as possible). But we sure don’t want you black, Latino or poor women breeding, so avoid marriage and here’s your free condoms or sterilization. If all that doesn’t work, you can get an abortion up to and including the third trimester. And should the child by some fluke survive, our president is cool with infanticide, which is not opposed in our “pro-women” party platform.

It’s the same not-so-subtle disregard, the bias of low expectations, that the Democrats inject into their programs for minorities. All of it is intended to keep you down because the last thing the DNC wants to tolerate is a smart, successful woman who loves her family and loves having children. Just ask Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann about that.

By comparison, the Republican Party, even if does contain a few old fogies, wants to protect your right to find your way in the world, protect marriage and protect your children.

In fact, women’s very right to vote exists because of Republican efforts. The 19th Amendment was introduced by A.A. Sargent, a California Republican, in 1878 and rejected by the Democrat-controlled Congress. Four decades later, after Republicans won the House and the Senate, the Amendment was passed over Democrat objections, including those of President Woodrow Wilson, whom suffragettes nicknamed “Kaiser Wilson.”

Of the nine states that refused to ratify the amendment, eight had Democratic legislatures. Twenty-six of the 36 ratifying states were GOP-controlled.

The GOP may be losing the propaganda war, but it’s clear which party is really waging a war on women.