There is a clear line in the sand, regardless our recognition of it, awareness of it, or willingness to deal with it. It is just there. Over time, we either move towards one side or the other. However, we must choose which side we’re going to stand on when there are those who attempt to push us from Liberty to Tyranny. Regardless one’s willingness to confront times when this does occur… it has happened, will happen again, and is happening now.

Fortunately, there still is a strong majority in America who stand ready to defend Liberty — as our ancestors, grand-parents and parents did.

If you are not clear on what it means to defend Liberty, what the core concepts of Liberty mean, or what the opposite of Liberty means, Tyranny, this little graphic may help.

Let’s just say that what we’ve had in America for over 237 years is a miracle of human history. No country in history of mankind was structured as America was structured… to acknowledge that our rights were natural, inalienable, and not granted by the State or man, rather, they were granted by the God. This means the State cannot take them away.

Our Constitution was designed by our brilliant founders, to ensure this was defined clearly so that no tyrant, or group of tyrants, could ever take our liberties.

Yet, sadly, there are a few ways tyrants can take our liberties. First, by convincing those who often do not understand these important concepts (as our founders said we all must) to accept a promised bounty from the State, in lieu of hard work, individual responsibility, and self-reliance. And secondly, by allowing those with special interests, be they corporate, union, military, or any other group, to continually shape policy and legislation away from individual liberty and free-markets, towards their best interests — cronyism — further eroding our nation until it is only the carcass of its former glory.

Today, there are many who would rather give up their liberty, become slaves to the State, so they can live off of the toil of others. And there are many businesses and special interests who will sacrifice our freedoms and risk our Republic, for the shot at wealth, power and control. Yet, they are all buying into a mirage.

First, in reality, the State and those in power are most often driven by greed and self-fulfillment, not charity and others fulfillment. This, is a reality of life and human history. Even historically when there may have been the rare “benevolent dictator”, it usually did not take long before power lust consumed those around them and eventually the governance model moved from benevolence to tyrannical control. So what starts as a promise of utopia — no risk, security, guarantees, etc. — ends in disaster and despair as the inevitable collectivist “house of cards” comes tumbling down. And it always will.

The second mirage is that of the benefits of cronyism. Although corporations and other entities may, for a time, reap the reward to their corruption, over time the results of one-sided market and industry controls, union strong-arming, military industrial complex expansion, and or any other interference and control of intended free-markets, will result in mal-investment, industry dysfunction, and ultimately unpredictable correction. The mirage fades and all must deal with reality.

Today, we’re reaping the whirlwind of both individual and organizational abuse of our founder’s gift of individual liberty and the resulting free-exchange which always leads to great prosperity. Without individual and organizational responsibility and integrity, all systems eventually fail.

It is up to us, therefore — those willing to work, those willing to take personal responsibility for individual and organizational choices, those willing to make good, integrous decisions from a position of strength with an eye not only towards our present, but towards our nation’s future, and those who understand the value of liberty and the dangers and death that result from State tyranny — to sound this warning and help others see this clear line in the sand.

Hopefully you will stand on the side of liberty. However, make no mistake, there are millions clearly on the side of right, and of liberty, who will stand.

Support Liberty. Fight Tyranny. Stand on the Right Side.

D.M. Chaney (C) 2013 – All Rights Reserved. Share on Social Networks with attribution.

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