The nay sayers and Obama apologists are getting on my nerves, so I thought I’d do the math to see how the election will come out. And given the math, I don’t see how Romney can lose. Here’s how.


(1)   No one who voted for McCain will vote for Obama.

(2)   AND, many people who voted for Obama are publicly expressing that they won’t vote for him this time. Some are saying “buyer’s remorse”, like black comedian Jimmy J.J. Walker even had the conviction to force that phrase into the conversation recently on liberal David Letterman’s show.

(3)   Catholics, who were responsible for electing Obama the first time (as well as Clinton) are seeing their hierarchy not only denounce the democrat positions as going against God and the Bible (abortion, contraception, gay marriage, etc.), but are also suing the Obama administration for using Obamacare to force Catholic institutions (hospitals, schools, churches) to go against their beliefs. (Where is the Freedom Of Religion there?) And Catholics make up 1/3 of the voters.

(4)   Young people, who were so much a reason for the Obama victory, are discouraged, as are liberals disappointed in what Obama actually did (as opposed to what he said he was going to do for them).

(5)   Conservatives are highly energized to take our country back.

(6)   Despite the polls, the midterm elections and other elections are showing how people actually vote. And it’s gotten even worse for the dems since.

(7)   Seniors are finding out that Obamacare has actually stolen from Medicare. (All of this is “read my lips” to the max).

(8)   Jews are seeing how anti-Israel Obama is. And there are 150,000 voting Americans living in Israel, where Obama’s policies are negative towards Israel.

(9)   Black church leaders are saying how anti-Bible the dems policies are.

(10)   Many pastors are going to be speaking how dems are anti-Bible on October 6th  and 7th, challenging the IRS anti Freedom Of Speech policy.


So when this is put all together, there are not only no gains for Obama, but there are many losses of people who would otherwise have voted for a democrat.


Now, add to that:

(1)   Romney (unlike Obama) is an experienced, effective problem solver in government.

(2)   Romney (unlike Obama) is an experienced, effective problem solver in business and economics.

(3)   Romney (unlike Obama) has a clean past.


Given all of this, I don’t see how Romney can lose.


Byline: Dennis Marcellino is the author of The Plague Of Liberalism (which can be seen at and THE Solutions (which can be seen at He is also available to speak:, where you can also donate to his PAC: Americans for Biblical Values.