The question that has been niggling at the back of my mind for weeks is this; how in the world is Mitt Romney not crushing Barrack Obama in the polls?  It just doesn’t make any sense – by any normal measurement this Presidency has been an abject failure.  The economy is still in tatters, the job market is a shambles, energy prices are skyrocketing, the Taliban is gaining in strength in Afghanistan, we have just committed to staying in Iraq for what might as well be considered “indefinitely”, we are posturing for war in Iran, Obamacare’s popularity is at an all time low, the administration has been rocked by one scandal after another for the last year and a half (from Solyndra to hookers to lavish parties to gun running and the murders of American citizens), and yet, somehow – the polls are pretty tight.

Forget John Gotti, the President is the real “Teflon Don”.  Does anyone really know where the President gets his mojo from?  I have an idea, and it’s probably not a new thought but I would venture to guess some might find it intriguing.  It’s all because of the media!  All right, so it’s a completely old and overused idea… but that doesn’t make it wrong.  Just think of the last five American Presidents and consider the media narrative that was constructed for each and how those ideas played out.

First, the Democrats.  William Jefferson Clinton was a ladies man and just ineffably cool.  Forget that the man was an overweight Southern lawyer with a slow drawl and a complete lack of style.  The media turned him from slob to suave, seemingly overnight.  He quickly became the cool, saxophone playing, womanizing, intellectual who was now occupying the Oval Office.  It was a mirage, a complete media smokescreen that the American public bought hook, line, and sinker.  A similar transmogrification happened with Barrack Hussein Obama.  Here was a completely average pot smoking, gin drinking, cocaine sampling, bully of a man who had even openly dabbled in racism.  He is an Ivy League grad whose school career we know little about, though the media worked tirelessly to uncover just how average George W. Bush’s Ivy League career was.  Today President Obama is not just cool he also happens to be an “intellectual”… I mean he is the perfect weapon!  How often do you meet a “cool” genius?   Intellectuals are usually rumpled, disheveled, quiet, and socially awkward.  Not our President, he is an athlete (How many times have we watched him play baseketball?), he is stylish (have you seen the way he dresses?), and he is brilliant (you’ve heard his speeches, right?).  Barrack Obama the Renaissance Man is a media creation, as much as any movie alien bad guy is a product of Hollywood.

Now, how did the media portray the Republican Presidents?  Ronald Wilson Reagan was a superior college athlete, a war hero, and an accomplished Hollywood movie star!  How did the media portray him?  Like some kind of likeable dunce.  Here was a man who was the epitome of cool, and they tried to make him look like a fool.  In his later years when his Alzheimer’s was revealed some in the media even tried to imply that he was suffering from the disease while President.  George Herbert Walker Bush postponed college to serve in WWII and volunteered for military service at 18, he became the youngest fighter pilot the Navy had ever had.  After his discharge he went to Yale, where he captained the baseball team and competed in the first two College World Series’.  He also earned a 4 year degree in 2 ½ years – all while being a married father!  How did the media portray this utterly cool man?  As an aloof nerd.  It’s almost baffling.  Lastly, George Walker Bush followed his father as an athlete and aviator.  He also served in the military and for a while was a professional baseball executive.  He also earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree from two different Ivy League  institutions and like our current president was known to enjoy an adult beverage from time to time.  How did the media choose to portray him during his time in office?  As an idiot.  In fact, my research leads me to believe that the media has been calling Republican Presidents dumb since President Eisenhower. (Joe Scarborough adds that President Ford was treated as a “dunce” too.)

So there you have it the media wants us to believe that Republican Presidents are idiots, and Democrat Presidents are cool (remember JFK?).  The problem is that we, the American public, keep eating up these tired storylines.  We consume them like candy and before we even realize what has happened we are regurgitating the meme as if it were gospel.  So how is it that President Barrack Obama isn’t a sure one-term President?  The Media has built a story and the American people love it.  Can there be any other explanation for how well the President is still doing in the polls, even though he has accomplished nothing in the first 3 and ½ years of his Presidency?  Wake up America, not only is the media biased, but it has an agenda – it wants to eat your brain.