From east to west, north to south, the press is hot on the trail of a story. Cameras and microphones shoved into stunned faces. Words and images captured for perpetuity. We’re simultaneously enticed to tune-in, to read, yet repulsed by such avaricious behavior. The press is waging war on privacy to further their objectives. The media is using us, our legislatures, and our courts to achieve their goals.

Reporters and photographers haven’t left us a place to call our own outside the walls of our homes. The Duchess of Cambridge on a private estate. Non-stop TV coverage of Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook. Publicizing names of gun owners.

You assume you can sunbathe au naturel on private property without being photographed from a half a mile away. You expect that your tear-streaked face will not be plastered on the evening news when you are picking up pieces of your life or mourning a loved one. You take for granted that only the authorities will have access to your personal information when you comply with the law and register your rifle.

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