These days if you speak out honestly about Conservative views and values, all you need to do is look at what happened to Chick-fil-A and/or Carrie Prejean to see what happens.  While Muslim restaurants in Chicago can go completely unscathed despite their extremist beliefs, if a Christian stands up and speaks honestly about his or hers, let the firestorms begin!


One firestorm is brewing around the new Miss Conservative U.S. pageant, which I recently emceed in Dallas.  A few days ago I received a message from the pageant director, Ginny Meerman.


I am being MERCILESSLY attacked right now…on the website, on my personal email…via text and voice mail, and on this YouTube video,” Ginny wrote.


“I’ve been busy deleting all hateful and pathetic comments today…reporting people….blocking people…but man, would it sure shut up the haters even more if they knew I wasn’t the only one fighting them!”


I completely understood her pain.  When my Conservative talk show PolitiChicks first aired, everyone from Huffington Post and Comedy Central and every troll who happened to find us attacked us mercilessly.


At first—out of a morbid type of curiosity– I obsessively read all the comments. It was as if someone opened the Hatred Floodgates and I was just amazed at how angry we were making people with our little Internet-based show.  But then my family and friends started getting attacked when they defended me; my mother was brutalized when she simply wrote, “one of those girls is my daughter!”  I finally had to warn everyone I cared about not to read the comments and especially not to respond.


So when Ginny reached out some of the women in her pageant and me, it was a reminder that although there are very few Conservative voices out there in the media, when we do finally speak out the left immediately goes on ‘attack mode’ and tries to bully us into submission.


I want to share the responses given by some of the ladies, followed by a beautiful ending by pageant judge and international motivational speaker, Nick Adams from Australia.  It’s all good, sound advice on how to deal (or not to deal) with the haters out there in Social Media World.


Lindz Sangalli (Mrs. Conservative U.S.):  “Ignore the unkind & thoughtless people. Engaging In any exchange with them only distracts you from the real fight which is to educate others. After all, ignorance is the biggest hurdle we face. If we were actually able to educate everyone there wouldn’t be a Democratic party or member left.”

Sara Rhea, Ms. Conservative U.S.:  “They don’t have any arguments of substance; therefore, they go on personal attacks because they believe belittling and insulting us will hurt us the most. Sadly, because we are sensitive and compassionate, a concept the haters can’t understand, it does hurt us. We know we don’t have to prove our value, intellect, or self-worth but some part of us always wants to anyway. You…will always be attacked with shallow derogatory remarks that are false about your looks because the haters think those are the comments that will hurt you the most. Wage the daily battles and stay strong like you do- and know you are great role models and examples to the rest of us.  Some days it’s hard to keep your chin up, but these battles are small, I realize, compared to the greater war we are waging in our country. Let’s stay brave and keep speaking out and as one of my friends reminded me- when we are stirring up people, we know we are doing something right.”


Bitsy Coffman Cliburn:  “While we’re on the subject of looks, here’s something that has always befuddled me a bit. Why is it that the world praises and adores athletes for their physical abilities, and yet beautiful women – especially those who like competing in pageants – are mocked for THEIR physical attributes? Now granted, athletes must hone their abilities, but the strength, speed, and skill are innately there waiting to be cultivated. And we all know that physical beauty takes a little work, too. (Some of us more than others!) So what it boils down to is that athletes are celebrated for showcasing their God-given physical qualities, while beautiful women are ridiculed for doing essentially the same thing. And heaven forbid that beautiful woman have a brain as well!”


Sara Rhea:  “In the Middle East and all around the world, women have been silenced through intimidation. So add to that mix, a FEARLESS beauty with brains, and now you have something very dangerous. Liberals always act like they want equality for everyone, when in reality they want power in the hands of only a few. When you use your beauty and brains AND you are fearless to their intimidation, they see that as being very powerful- which it is. It is powerful because people listen to you. Invisible people who are silenced cannot steer the direction the country is headed, but we are all at the helm in touching lives, educating others, and pulling people on board with us one person at a time. Shallow beauties are no threat because they just want to be seen but they have nothing important to say.”


Nick Adams (Australian pageant judge and international speaker):  “Ladies and Gentlemen, the hating is pretty awful here but imagine coming from a country where there is no freedom of speech and you are marginalized. The fact you have an opinion is offensive; willing to express it will get you metaphorically shot. You can’t get membership to social clubs- you’re blackballed. Your own political party disowns you. Neighbors get nasty when they learn who you are. Your mom gets spat on in the local shopping center. You can’t get a job because you’re seen as divisive, polarizing and too much of a cowboy/maverick. Your own university where you did two degrees and that has the biggest library in the Southern Hemisphere won’t carry your published book. You represent the district the school you went to from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and you support them every time they have matter come up yet they have never invited you back once to speak or hand out awards. “Friends” who you had from school that work some trade and you want to help them out by giving them work at your house, and they turn you down because you’re “controversial” or out there. Political opponents contacting your girlfriends and making stuff up. And that’s just the start. People stalk you by not only commenting on your videos or articles with distortions and outright lies but by trying to affect your livelihood by researching who you are and how you make your money and going directly to your employer or emailing key influential people in your industry. And they do it because it has an impact-there isn’t the luxury of having at least forty percent of people on your side and willing to speak out. There is no conservative movement- just a political party terrified of bad press and hateful of people that make them sweat by having their own mind and being unafraid to speak. The comments are totally awful but please take heart- at least you live in a country where people will rally around you, your success does inspire, and your deepest connections to life- family and work- remain relatively unscathed. It’s not so in Australia. Or Europe. God Bless America.”