T’was a month before Christmas and all through the land
Stood half of the people with outstretched hands.
They wanted free goodies and that’s not a joke
And were eager to take them from hard working folk.

We’d not seen it coming, at least not this fast
The change in America was so hard to grasp.
The Liberal Progressives had quietly toiled
Our Blessed America soon would be spoiled.

It started out slow with perhaps good intention
The programs kept growing without apprehension.
With affirmative action it really got brewing
Handouts galore, what the heck were we doing.

The Dems and Republicans both are to blame
Both having experts at playing the game.
Convince folks they’re victims and tell them they’re owed
By tax paying people they don’t even know.

But the Democrats really perfected the craft
Picking our pockets while all of them laughed.
But we didn’t hear them, we’d fallen asleep
Trillions in debt we are in it too deep.

Now Sanders! Pelosi! Now Waters and Reid!
On Axelrod, Dean and Jackson-Lee!
Use rhetoric, blame and accusation
With race and class warfare they’ve split up the Nation.

So now we have come to a dangerous place
Where of brave politicians there’s barely a trace.
Obama is Czar now and that’s how he acts
Executive orders, tax and tax.

They’ve really expanded our fiscal mess
While insulting, demeaning, hard work and success.
Hey you didn’t build that…that’s what he said
So he’ll take half your earnings after you’re dead.

America’s debt’s going up by the hour
The Dems couldn’t care less, it’s all about power.
They’re determined to keep it no matter the price
Trade “free stuff” for votes and that should suffice.

Steal from the working in much larger portions
Use it for birth control pills and abortions.
Blame corporations and seek retribution
Indoctrinate the children in redistribution.

Pit men against women, whites against blacks
The poor versus wealthy, keep up the attacks.
There’s Occupy Wall Street and all those fools
Useful idiots, Socialist’s tools.

Progressives and Liberals have picked who to blame
They pander and pander and have no shame.
They’re righteous and angry and they know the way
That we should all live and we don’t get a say.

They promise their voters milk and honey
The shameless line up to take other folk’s money.
Conditioned to think they are somehow due
There’s never a thought about stealing from you.

So we’ve come to a place in our Country today
Where half of us leech and the other half pay.
So I ask you think what this poem’s about
When we become Europe, who bails US out?