Did you watch Amy Walter, national editor of The Cook Political Report on “Meet the Press last Sunday”? She says young Evangelicals have no problem with “Gay Issues” and if we’d just move everyone over 50 out of the country there would be no “Gay issues” or abortion issues for that matter.   You know, I think she’s absolutely right! Although it was the 20th century “Boomers” who were all about legitimizing our “right” to do whatever we wanted.   I remember the new science declaring we were once Lemurs so if two stray dogs breed in the park then it’s normal for the human animal to do it too. If you want your child, she/he is your future daughter or son and if you don’t want your child he/she is merely tissue to be removed, that’s what the new science was telling us.

But Amy’s got a point.   People 50 and over, like me, remember how much freer our world was before it became what it is now.   Maybe that’s the problem from Amy’s point of view. I attended a debate while in college the first time on whether homosexuality should be removed from the APA’s (American Psychological Association) list of deviant behavior or not.  (Remember when you could debate almost anything without offending almost anyone?) It was 1973; I was 19 years old and clueless. I do remember one point in particular an APA member was making. He said that psychology is a science based on years of data and observation and we should not arbitrarily change science because of pressure from a special interest group. It didn’t occur to me at the time what a fuss would be made if some group could benefit from, say the science of math declaring 2+2=4 will now be 2+2=5. Maybe the scientists gave in because psychology is the science of mushy stuff, like the brain or maybe they didn’t want to be labeled “haters” for telling the truth.

People of the 21st century, people like Amy Walter cry, “Let us throw off their (Christian) chains and be free to do whatever we want” forgetting that the founding fathers ( Christians) founded a free country while the atheist Socialists and many Muslim countries enslave the masses and butcher their own, extinguishing any hope of freedom.

So if there were a huge island to emigrate to Amy, I’d go, along with countless other Christians. Then we’d be free to tell the truth, to publish pure science, worship our God publicly, to freely run our businesses and care for each other, all the things the current government now limits for Christians.   Maybe we’d call our country America because that’s what we called it the first time.  Maybe we’d be more faithful to keep it free if we had a second chance to make it free again.