As has been the case for the last four years, this state-sanctioned amorality will be bureaucratically implemented and ignored by a pornography-addled media invested in the system’s success.  Resistance to this attack on virtue will occur in the social issue trenches, be exhausting but faith-enabled, and likely require court intervention.

However, because broken homes, broken marriages, sexually transmitted diseases, and incarcerated youths are still widely unpopular, values-oriented Democrats and social conservatives should reject cultural Marxism.  Resistance can be a popular cause and, thus, virtue the focus around which a new majority coalesces.

To summarize, cultural Marxism rejects good things.  In elite parlance, these things — faith, family, children, love of others, the home, and the womb — are “oppressive institutions,” threats to self-fulfillment in a conflict-filled jungle.

Realization of the good and happiness presupposes knowledge of reality.  Are virtues good or enslaving?  Is marriage a loving vocation or an enemy of fulfillment?  Our hearts and minds tell us one thing.  Cultural Marxists see it differently and thus destroy much that is good:

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