You have to hand it to the chattering class.

They hate tradition. They abhor success. They detest logic.  They have the wrong ideas. And they’re about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.  But when it comes to scheming, deceit and just plain nastiness, they have most fertile minds.

They sit in their classrooms, or lecture theaters or media bureaus or government offices and think how they can juice political correctness for each and every last drop.

Who else would think of women- an entire gender- being used as a political and cultural wedge? Who would have considered the everyday female as a political spear?

The left has. And they use it relentlessly and mercilessly. If you are a strident conservative male, you have a problem with women. According to their logic, you don’t like them and they don’t like you. And if you are a strident conservative male running for office, you’ve got electability issues with the female electorate. So the song sheet goes.

And the song sheet is universal. It happens all over the world. Women have become the number one political tool against conservative men. The Obama campaign released this video a few weeks back: (watch from about 1:03 minutes in). But it is not just America. It happens in elections and discourse right around the world. The Conservative Party Prime Minister of England, David Cameron suffered it throughout his election campaign in 2010, and even as recently as this year: The conservative Opposition Leader in Australia suffers precisely the same attacks weekly. A fortnight ago, the feminist left in Australia went a step further qualifying it: he didn’t just have a problem with women; he had a problem with powerful women, they said. What absolute codswallop. It’s the new missile designed to damage reputation and destroy electability. It matters little that you are married, or have daughters. Or that you have a mother or might have a sister. Or that you employ or work with women.

Real men love women. The truth is that the left just don’t like real men. That’s what it is about. We’re a threat. We get in the way. Men with masculine values can only be conservative, and their natural response to matters requiring action is far more direct and confrontational than make any of these leftists comfortable. Testosterone is the big no-no in today’s world. It is why there are so few real men left in the world. The rest of us are “dinosaurs” or “museum pieces”. The left, and their feminist elements, have waged war on men. Emasculate, castrate, feminize- pick your verb- they’ve done it, turning men into pussycats; their ideological agenda helped along by a metrosexual pop culture. The only “conservatives” that escape the wrath of this agenda are Clayton conservatives: those that wear a conservative badge but are not socially conservative or outspoken.

It is one of the major reasons the left despise America: its militarism to them is the greatest manifestation of masculine values. And that’s is why they continually try to neuter America. They realize this is a major point of distinction of American public opinion and culture: it is shaped by traditional men with traditional masculine values. It is why a place like Texas is so inspiring: a state dripping with testosterone and bluntness. If the left can remove these primary cultural influences, cast doubt on the ‘morality’ of those views, and empower those within America that share their ideological agenda, then they will succeed in making America no different to any other country.

Let’s be crystal clear: believing in the traditional family and being pro-life are the most pro-women stances imaginable. Believing that a wife should take on her husband’s last name is not an anti-women or backward stance. It’s tradition. In fact, the overwhelming majority of women want to, wishing to reflect the glue of their new family unit, to be known to their communities and neighborhoods as the Blakes, or the Smiths, or the Myers. The left are disappointed in these women, as they refuse to engage in their culture war, and blame it on men. Misandry is their passion.

Scheming socialists are not new. They have divided us sufficiently with radical multiculturalism and various minorities. Now they sponsor a new source of division: women, who on numbers are the most powerful group in the world. But women are far more intelligent and capable than that. Those that have been raised properly and have repelled, or managed to escape, the social conditioning of the left through education and social engineering, and the bullying of the sisterhood: the truly independent and strong women of the world, will cotton on to the reprehensible game the left are playing. And reject it flatly, by thinking and voting independently in the interests of their families, their nations and the world. And if that means voting for conservative male politicians that have stayed true to their gender and instincts, and also repudiated the engineering of the left, then so be it. They should also consider standing up publicly in defense of real men and condemning the misandry perpetrated by those with revolutionary cultural objectives.

For the record, I was raised to be a male that feminists, postmodernists and all those with feminist sympathies, hate. And I couldn’t be prouder or thank my parents enough.