First, Rubio was a traffic menace. Now, he owns a small fishing boat. The horror!

Last week, the New York Times dropped the lamest “hit” piece in the history of hit pieces. Pretending a few traffic tickets from the 90s made Sen. Rubio and his wife unfit for public service, the NYT ended up the butt of the joke.

On social media, #rubiocrimespree trending nationally for hours with submissions like, “drank milk after it expired,” and “Didn’t read Apple End User Licence [sic] Agreement but still clicked “I Agree”.” Rubio’s campaign got in on the fun, and celebrities publicly declared the NYT story dumb.

Apparently that wasn’t enough embarrassment for the NYT. Tuesday, the NYT released yet another ‘scoop’ on the good Senator from Florida. This time, the NYT suggested that Rubio had financial problems which have tainted his career.

Those “financial problems”? “Student debt, mortgages and an extra loan against the value of his home totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

The NYT wrote:

But in 2012, financial salvation seemed to have arrived: A publisher paid him $800,000 to write a book about growing up as the son of Cuban immigrants.

In speeches, Mr. Rubio, a Florida Republican, spoke of his prudent plan for using the cash to finally pay off his law school loans, expressing relief that he no longer owed “a lady named Sallie Mae,” as he once called the lender.

But at the same time, he splurged on an extravagant purchase: $80,000 for a luxury speedboat, state records show. At the time, Mr. Rubio confided to a friend that it was a potentially inadvisable outlay that he could not resist. The 24-foot boat, he said, fulfilled a dream.

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