Marco! Marco the Maltese.

In honor of Marco Rubio’s recent vote for the President-supported immigration bill, President Obama called Marco Rubio to congratulate him. President Obama was so happy about the Senate’s vote that he wanted to do something special to honor Marco Rubio for his contributions to the bill and for voting it through. Friday afternoon, he had made up his mind; he sent Mrs. Obama, Sasha, and Malia to the Grand Old Animal Shelter in Washington.

The lucky Maltese was the dog saved from the shelter. Malia, the older daughter, cast the deciding vote. She is reported to have said that it was the perfect way to honor Senator Rubio, because the Maltese is a lap dog, like the Senator. Mrs. Obama seemed pleased as they left the Establishment, saying, “It’ll be nice to have our new pet friend around the house.” She added, “Bo is our breeder dog, and Marco is our Establishment dog. Owning Marco will make our lives in Washington a little richer.”

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