Under-grad student Sarah McFadden wrote a sweet little letter to The Oberlin Review campus newspaper on April 20th that opens with “The Oberlin College Republicans and Libertarians are bringing Christina Hoff Sommers to speak on Monday, April 20. This Monday happens to be a part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which makes the timing of this talk particularly objectionable.”

Most professors on Oberlin’s campus would object anytime Republican or Libertarian students asked anyone to speak on any day ever. They use Sexual Assault Awareness Month as a weapon to mark turf; sort of like a gang sign, sort of like a puppy on a walk.

I can hear them now in the backseat yelling, “I call January, February, March, April.…”

So I will call the next four weeks Be Aware That Some Professors Are In Fact Arrogant And Stupid Small Minded Pigs Grasping For Student Adulation Down Low Where The Straw Meets The Poop That The Farmer Has To Shovel Month.

And it’s all mine.

I know Sarah McFadden is a youngster under the influence of poor educational guidance. Universities have emotionally disabled so many young people like her that they should be forced to take out mental health insurance on whole liberal arts student bodies. McFadden represents the “I taut I taw a puddy tat” mentality nurtured on campuses by the little old lady professors of 51 possible gender identifications who surround themselves with cadres of gullible admirers because that is way easier than teaching engineering or science. I remember an 8th grader saying to me “Well, Mrs. So and So isn’t really a teacher, she is more like our counselor.” Think the path of least resistance.

I doubt universities have ever been true bastions of discourse; it would not be human nature. The current system, however, seems more out of balance than at any time in recent history. The result is infantile bruises swaddled in so many layers of sensitivity bandages that the student’s brain atrophies from lack of oxygen or use, or both. As “proof” of the many intellectual sins of Ms. Sommers, McFadden lists the following:

On April 13, Sommers tweeted: “The wage gap is a myth. So is ‘rape culture’ & claims of gender bias in science. But women’s grievance industry goes on.”

That’s not proof; it serves only to prove that McFadden will not tolerate opinions that vary from her professor’s.

On April 15, Sommers also tweeted: “Looking forward to visiting Oberlin next week. I see my talk is already the focus of a lively campus discussion.” She shared OCRL’s event page with all of her followers on Twitter, after which many of them flocked to the page to defend her viewpoint.

Dear God! She did? She shared OCRL’s event page and some people defended her viewpoint? Let’s raid her house, confiscate her computer, terrify her children, and hold the whole Sommers family hostage while searching for “evidence” of a crime.

Just that happened in Wisconsin a few years back. It wasn’t the ultra-snotty liberal crybaby professors of Oberlin that raided the homes of citizens who expressed conservative viewpoints in support of a Republican Governor; it was the ultra-snotty liberal crybaby Milwaukee district attorney John Chisholm who terrorized three law abiding families in the pre-dawn hours of October 3rd, 2013.

If I were a professor at Oberlin I would have a little chat with myself. I would wonder if Sarah’s mind is so violently closed because of something I said, some totalitarian behavior I modeled, some strange idea of Freedom and Liberty I have expressed. Then, assuming I searched myself and found a heart, I would call Sarah in for a little chat.

Sarah, I would ask, do you think it right to raid a home and terrorize children because you feel triggered by the mere presence of a conservative or libertarian viewpoint on your campus? Sarah, can you picture crying children in pajamas being soothed by helpless conservative parents while their house is lit up by police floodlights in the early morning hours of an October day? Sarah, was John Chisholm triggered sufficiently to justify the terror he brought down upon these families? Will people be safe in an America that raids and terrorizes the homes of families whose opinions you disagree with? What if someone disagrees with you? Can they ban you from speaking? Can they raid your home? Where is the line, Sarah?

No professor of modern humanities would ever think of saying such a thing. It might mean allowing a young mind to ponder life on a larger than campus scale; a scale so obviously larger than the professor himself.

So I’ll say something like it.

Sarah, try not to fear the rapists, the misogynists, the anti-feminists, the conservatives, or any of the many fantastic and unworldly creepies that these most shallow professors have planted in your brain. They planted them there so you would fear contact with others; so you would not listen to others. They want you to themselves.

It is the application of their one-dimensional political philosophy that you should fear. In maturity their brand of ruthless politics doesn’t stop at disenfranchising one’s right to free speech; it raids homes and terrorizes children if given the power to do so. It costs people their jobs and livelihoods. It will tolerate no difference of opinion, show no compassion, and abuse the rule of law while seeking to punish at any cost.

John Chisholm’s actions prove these statements as fact.

Pull back, kid. Live a little, and learn to let others live. Somethings really are just that simple.