The Mainstream Media, including Fox News, and the establishment of the Republican Party have put together a coordinated effort to defeat Governor Rick Perry’s bid for the Presidency of the United States. There are three reasons why these groups are plotting against Perry.

First, he hails from Texas and they claim he is “soft on illegal immigration.” I will set the record straight on Perry’s immigration policy. Second, he’s not a “silver tongued” public speaker — as if that should be a qualification anyway.  We all know what the last “silver tongued” orator has done to our country. Actions, my fellow citizens, speak louder than words. Third, Governor Perry is a Christian Conservative.

Plot #1: Discredit Perry’s Position on Immigration

First, my fellow Americans need to understand that Texas is a border state that shares 1,800 miles with Mexico. Governor Perry is adamant that the Federal Government must commit more troops on the border with the addition of aerial surveillance with unmanned drones. Governor Perry has also dispatched the fabled Texas Rangers to perform reconnaissance missions on the border. Does this sound like a candidate who is “soft on immigration?”

Secondly, let me address Perry’s position on granting in-state tuition to the children of illegal aliens. One of the many great things about Texas is that we do not have State income tax. State schools are funded by sales tax and property tax. Everyone living in Texas, regardless of national citizenship, supports these institutions by paying sales tax. Besides, this tuition law was one passed overwhelmingly and nearly unanimously by the Texas Legislature in 2001. The Wall Street Journal, in an editorial published September 27, 2011, reported that clearly 73 percent of those children are native born Americans. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that such children cannot be deprived of an elementary public education based on the immigration status of their parents. That ruling applies to all 50 states. Texas allows citizens of all its border states to also pay in state tuition. To politicize a decades-old law over the education of innocent little children because of the citizen status of their parents is not right.

To further understand my point, please take a minute to watch the following video of my fellow conservatives who support Perry’s position on immigration. If Republicans are not careful, we will drive Christian Conservative hispanics to the Democrat Party!

Texas is the only state in the Union that fought its own war of independence and many of its heroes are Hispanics like Juan Seguin and President Zavalla. These men are as much heroes in Texas as Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and Sam Houston. In Texas, there is a special bond between its Anglo and Hispanic citizens — we are all free men under God.

The Left wants population control. They don’t want immigrants in America, because they will not be able to achieve and sustain their Socialist dream. Why are conservatives supporting a Left-wing agenda?

Plot #2: Portray Perry as a Poor Public Speaker

On September 22nd, the Fox News organization allegedly worked behind the scenes to portray Governor Perry’s facial expressions in a negative light while his “so-called” fellow Republicans attacked him. Technical operations and camera angles can be used make one look good or bad to the viewing public. During their hosted debates, CNN and MSNBC concentrated their negativity toward Governor Perry both during and after the debate.

Fox commentator Sean Hannity is being most hypocritical when he adulates New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, but fails to report that Mr. Christie favors gun control and has no arguments against homosexual marriage. Mr. Hannity’s actions reinforce my thesis that Fox, the Left wing media, and the Eastern elites of the Republican Establishment really do support gun control, same sex marriage, and all of the filth and immorality that has befallen this once Christian nation.

Plot #3: Dismiss Perry because he came from a poor family and he is a Christian

Governor Perry is the son of a share cropper. He grew up in a house without running water and worked in the fields with Mexican workers. He went on to become an Air Force officer, pilot, and longest-serving Governor in the history of Texas. His life is truly an American success story fulfilled. Most importantly, he has placed his faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is the same Lord and Savior that our hispanic brothers worship. The media despises Christians and persecutes them at every opportunity. They are doing this to Perry as well.

Believe me when I say that Governor Perry is the only one who can defeat President Obama. If Mr. Romney wins the nomination, the Tea Party will probably split and form a Third Party. We all know this will ensure the re-election of Mr. Obama and our great country will be ruled once again by godless non-believers. Now is the time for all Christians from all denominations to unite and not to be misled by the Media who would willingly bring about the decline and fall of America.

Perry is a Christian and a Patriot who loves America. He is the only man who can defeat Obama and take America back from the clutches of his socialist regime.

Mr. Vallorani is a resident of Beaumont Texas, a self employed Financial Consultant  and a retired veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.