When your boss takes credit for your work, he pays you. When Obama takes credit for creating 500,000 jobs that already exist, he expects you to pay him. $100 million dollars. Minimum.

Last week, Obama announced, TechHire, a plan that takes $100 million from the H-1B visa program and gives it to select universities, community colleges and corporations in the form of grants to train and hire American tech workers.

Put your sarcastic hat on… In comparison to Obama, the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was an abject failure when it came to creating jobs because he went about it the wrong way. You see, Jobs developed jobs that did not already exist. Same with Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel and Bill Gates. All four men are clueless with a capital C. In contrast, Obama is taking credit for creating jobs that include… wait for it… 500,000 tech jobs that are already in the pipeline. Brilliant.

How do you think Obama lowered the unemployment rate to 5.5%? Certainly not by doing things the old-fashioned, Steve Jobs way: creating jobs that did not exist before. According to Gallup CEO Jim Clifton, Obama lowered the unemployment rate by not counting “anyone who is unemployed and has subsequently given up on finding a job.” Again, brilliant.

If you are concerned that TechHire may only benefit Obama’s buddies and fail to motivate colleges to improve their lackluster curricula, I urge you to recall Obama’s massive success in taking millions of dollars out of the economy to gamble on creating green jobs. Success never smelled so sweet!

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