As the George Zimmerman trial revealed, Barack Obama—the candidate who promised to be the first post-racial president—has effectively negated over 50 years of civil rights success and returned America to the tension-filled days of the Jim Crow 60’s.  Columnist Thomas Sowell recently pointed out that he is “so old he remembers when whites were the racists!”  He refers readers to a recent Rasmussen poll showing there is more racism in the black community toward whites and Hispanics than vice versa.  It is amazing that black democrats have evolved into racists because when I was growing up it was the Democrat Party that pushed segregation, hated blacks, opposed equal rights, was in league with the KKK, and celebrated every time a black leader met a violent end ( usually calling them the N*word).  For verification that blacks in America have assumed the mantel of racism, just read some of the tweets about the Zimmerman verdict.

I lived through the racism of the 60’s and the Civil rights marches and remember mourning the death of Dr. King. I had black friends at a time it wasn’t cool. I was beat up by six black kids for driving through the wrong neighborhood. I was raised to look at the man not his color.  Sadly the president has been race baiting since coming to office, thereby undermining the advances, peace and calm achieved by the civil rights movement.   Let me clear up one thing, since childhood my friends have referred to themselves as Black and I have a friend who is the Archbishop of the Anglican church of Tanzania.  He asked me why Blacks in America call themselves African-Americans.  I tried to explain but he quickly cut me off and said “they are not Africans, they do not know the plight of my people, they are Black Americans.  Why would an individual who has never been to Africa and probably could not locate it on a map refer to himself as an African American?”

A consistent theme of this administration has been “social justice” as a way to “make up” for past injustices and get everyone “their fair share.”  Consider the actions not the words of the Obama Administration.  He sent Department of Justice (DOJ) officials to Sanford, Florida to strong arm local law enforcement officials into arresting and prosecuting George Zimmerman, but he did not allow prosecutors in the DOJ to go after the New Black Panthers who intimidated and threatened voters at the polls in the 2008 election.  We also saw Obama’s leap to judgment without the facts when his black professor friend was arrested in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  He has been quick to stir the pot of racism at every opportunity real or imagined. All the while he would entertain rappers at the White House who make their living “singing” vulgar and offensive lyrics against women and white people. He has refused to call for calm in every instance where racial tensions might overflow. He has even fanned the flames of racism by having his minions proclaim that anyone who disagreed with him did so because he was black. In fact, according to liberals in America, disagreeing with Barack Obama’s policies is the new definition of racism.  Perhaps someone should inform Merriam Webster before the next edition of her dictionary is printed.

So then we get to the Trayvon Martin tragedy where  the original story of the shooting was only four paragraphs long until the president weighed in adopting  Trayvon  as “his son”. Soon the media picked up on the president’s remarks and started pushing his racial-tension agenda.  Instead of showing real leadership and calling for calm, President Obama once again fanned the flames of racism.  The media circus and dishonesty of the mainstream media showed through strongly as they posted photos of a rough looking Zimmerman and an angelic 10 year old Trayvon instead of the towering young man with gold teeth, hoodie, double FU fingers in the air, gansta hand gun poses, and references to using drugs readily available from his own facebook page.  Their goal all along has been to fan the flames of racial tension instead of behaving as responsible journalists.  Media mavens have tried to have a man who in our system should be considered innocent until proven guilty executed for self defense.  The dishonesty was apparent from the start when the media charged that Zimmerman was a white Jew, then much to their chagrin discovered he was a Hispanic.  They then classified him as a White-Hispanic, whatever that means.  If George Zimmerman is a White-Hispanic then is Barack Obama a White-Black?

To those naïve few who still think the mainstream media has no agenda, let me ask if you have heard that George Zimmerman mentored black kids, donated blood and worked at a men’s homeless shelter?  Better yet, have you heard of Joshua Chellew?  You probably haven’t since the story was not covered by the mainstream media because it did not fit their American racism narrative.    Joshua Chellew, age 36, was dropping a co-worker off at an Atlanta gas station when he was attacked by four black males who beat him up, knocked him out, and left him lying unconscious in oncoming traffic where he was hit by a car.  Chellew was barbarically left to die a slow painful death.   He was violently murdered.  Where is the mainstream media’s coverage of this horrific crime? Why didn’t Al Sharpton show up to decry this hate crime?  Where is Eric Holder calling for civil rights enforcement?  Where was the president calling for justice and calm? Answer: NO WHERE.  In the mainstream media and Obama’s America the door of racism swings only one way. If four whites did the same thing to a black man, or the white victim had defended himself the media would be all over the story.  If the white man had shot any of his attackers Obama would be adopting four more sons.    As Harry Reid, Eric Holder and all the others crying mistrial stir the pot of racism, I would like to know where they stood when O.J. Simpson was acquitted of a double homicide?  It is time for the president to show real leadership, declare this ugly chapter done, stop fanning the flames of racism, and let America heal.