As I was doing some banking recently, one of the bank employees, shared with me about the nightmare encountered by those who have to renew their driver’s licenses. My interest was immediately piqued. I have to renew mine within the next few months. She continued to tell me about the six to eight hour waits in line some were experiencing in the Atlanta area. So what’s up with this?

When I got home I did some research and learned of the Real Act of 2005. The federal government is, again, intruding into our lives to complicate them. When I went to the Georgia Department of Driver’s Services website this is what I found:

Beginning July 1, 2012, DDS will implement additional procedures that enhance the integrity and security of your Driver’s License (DL) and Identification Card (ID) resulting from the Federal requirements of the Real ID Act. These new procedures will require that you bring additional documentation with you when you visit one of our Customer Service Centers (CSC). If you currently hold a valid Georgia DL or ID, you will be issued a Secure ID DL/ID at the time of your next renewal or reinstatement. If you do not hold a valid Georgia DL or ID, you will be issued a Secure ID DL/ID at the time of your application.

These documents will include the following:

  • At least one (1) original or certified document to prove your Primary Identity; and
  • At least one (1) document to prove your Social Security Number; and
  • At least two (2) documents to prove your Residential Address; and
  • Appropriate Name Change documents, if needed.

The nightmare the banker was referring to was the fact that each of us have to go in person to one of the state designated locations and present all the additional required information. Of course, everyone else is doing the same thing at the same time thus the long lines.

There is something that bothers me far more than the long lines. The potential for abuse and excessive government control is clearly apparent. Now, the states will share their databases with each other. All the collected information will be implanted in the new Secure IDs and multiple jurisdictions will have access.

Granted, there actually are a lot of good reasons for the new Secure IDs. There usually are when a government wants more power and control. Since 9/11 more security has been implemented across the board. We already lost some of our freedoms in the name of national security. But, what often happens in history is that tyranny follows later when it is too late to resist. It’s kind of like the classical Trojan Horse. It looks ok on the outside, but once it is inside the gates watch out. There are nasty things inside.

These new IDs (Secure Driver’s Licenses) could be a form of a national ID card that conservatives have fought against for years. The potential for more government control and abuse is there. With a simple keyboard stroke you could be marked.

Hitler was in power a relatively short time. He said his Reich would last a thousand years. He was a little too optimistic. It was more like eleven. But, in that short time he took total control of everything. There were national IDs or identification papers that everyone had to have. Guards, at their whim, would approach someone and demand to see their papers. If their papers were not in order then bad things happened.

Now we are not that far along yet and Obama is not Hitler, but control is control regardless of whether power resides in one or many. Consider the tremendous control just the EPA, IRS, DEA, and FTC, have over our everyday lives right now. What they do carries the weight of law. Each of these, and the dozens of other ABC agencies, want even more control. They want more money to hire more people and implement new programs. Oh, they say they have good reasons why they should. They care about us so much. Yeah, right.

During the Clinton Administration there were a lot of frontal assaults on our privacy and freedoms such as the attempts to require a national ID card, a program called “Know Your Customer” which would have allowed the government to know of any unusual banking transactions we make (and who decides what is unusual?), and Hillary’s attempt at national health care. These all failed. People didn’t want them and still don’t.

The new Secure IDs are here and I guess if we want to drive we have to have one. This one came out of the blue and when I found out about it, last week, it was law. Maybe you are just finding out now. This is why we have to stay on top of our officials and keep apprised of what lawmakers are doing. It is not hard to keep tabs on legislation. It just takes a little time. We all need to spend more time monitoring those who control us.

We can no longer think that anything the government does is really for us and for our good. It is for those in power and they want more of it. Be on guard my friends.

Finally, trust in God. No one else can save us. And, look out for the drones, they are watching.