The bigger problem we face in Washington DC today is not just the runaway entitlements, but the entitlement politicians. There is an American aristocracy composed of entitled politicians. Not only are these American aristocrats not humbled by the opportunity to serve, they think they deserve to hold office regardless of their records. Further, the problem is not restricted to one side of the isle. In the House of Representatives 145 of the 432, (or 33%), have held office for at least 12 years or more with the longest being Dingle who is in his 57th year and Conyers close behind with 47 years. In the Senate 32 out of 50, (or 64%), have held office for 12 years or more with Leahy in his 38th year and Hatch in his 36th. The motives of this ruling aristocracy may have been pure they first went to DC, but they have obviously been corrupted by “Potomac Fever” (the lust for power and subsequent inability to give it up).

When Obama came to DC he was going to change this culture, clean things up and take us on a new course. Yet his attitude is no different than the Senate he came from. He can close the White House to tours due to sequestration but refuses to cut back on his vacation, social, or golf schedule. What happened to having “skin in the game?” According to e-mails from the White House sequestration is to “impact everybody deeply,” even though the president has the authority to redirect cuts. Everyone suffers except for the royal ruling class. Obama’s attitude is merely a reflection of the entitlement attitude, in both houses, that exists on Capitol Hill. As Jay Carney points out Obama is the president, so he is entitled to his schedule. Interesting how Obama is entitled to it, but President Bush was criticized for playing golf while we were at war. I guess he needs to unwind from all the vacations, and missed leadership opportunities.

With entitlement living running wild nationally, the entitled politicians are completely missing the real crisis facing our nation such as unemployment, runaway spending, a continuing disintegration of the moral fabric of our nation, and blatant disregard for the constitution. Don’t dare question their decisions as the young lady did with Senator Moran wanting to know why the Democrats have waged a war on a woman’s right to ‘Choose” to defend themselves, but that is a whole other issue.
The arrogance was also seen in Diane Feinstein lecturing Ted Cruz as he tried to get an answer from her. The bottom line was she was offended to be asked the question by a junior colleague, but the question was spot on and dealt with her disregard for the Constitution specifically the Second Amendment as she pushed her parties agenda to irresponsibly disarm the law abiding public.
Our founders never intended for political service to be a career. Go through the list—Kennedy, Thurman, Murtha, Byrd, etc.—and ask what they really accomplished other than pork and self preservation in their latter years as they tried to memorialize themselves. In many careers where people actually work they are required to retire by age 65. Why are we allowing politicians to camp out for more than 12 years and beyond age 65? We need to get statesman back in the House and Senate and get rid of the careerists that look just like the opposition behind the cameras. It is time to end the “Leadership entitlement” and return to public service being a privilege that you do not benefit from personally, or financially.

As entitlement politicians collect their pay checks the GOP has ignored the conservative base as the old guard goes after the moderate vote. The Democratic Party has been hi-jacked by the ideologically flawed progressive agenda. Following their cue from Obama—the Great unifier— who never misses an opportunity to demonize an opponent, the old aristocracy in the entitlement commune has no problem going after the New Statesman like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Allen West, etc. that truly are about the Constitution, fiscal responsibility, and getting the job done or not getting paid. We saw this recently when Senators McCain and Graham went after Rand Paul after his filibuster stole their thunder.

Bottom line, there are a lot of dead wood politicians in Washington DC collecting a paycheck as an entitlement rather than for work or service. The problem exists on both sides of the isle as many are no longer legislating, or even writing the legislation, but rather being told how to vote on lobbyist written legislation so, as Mrs. Pelosi put it, “they can pass legislation to see what is in it.” The black smoke continues to come out of the White House chimney as there has not been a budget in 4+ years . The fact that there has not been a budget passed in 4 years would have any of us fired from our jobs for non-performance.

There is a joke circulating that the dead Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez had amassed about $2 billion in a personal fortune while president — and he was a socialist. Imagine how rich he could have been if he didn’t believe in redistribution of wealth. What makes it not funny is that the very people sworn to defend us are currently amassing their personal fortunes instead of serving the people.

Rome was not conquered by another nation but fell from within due to the government corruption, self serving entitlement, greed, moral decay and opulence. There is nothing new under the sun and the same issues that overtook the once great world power face us today. If we don’t get on a different track soon it is only a matter of time before we follow Rome. The first step to getting rid of the entitlements and getting spending under control is to fire the entitled aristocracy and once again send statesman to the nation’s capitol.