My parents used to tell me it wasn’t polite to say “I told you so.”

That’s probably because it can be so much fun.

As expected, the liberals’ efforts to get rid of Rush Limbaugh since the emergence of Slutgate have so far come to naught.

Their attack at this point has amounted to lots and lots of hot air, accompanied by heavy bursts of guffaws and frequent snorts of derision.

When Rush unwisely stepped into the Left’s contraceptives trap — set with the intent of distracting the country from President Obama’s unconstitutional efforts to rob religious groups of their First Amendment rights — the Left thought it had been handed a wrecking bar to tear down his castle. But the issue is turning out to be more like one of those plastic coffee stirrer sticks than a crow bar.

Not that it isn’t fun watching the Left pretend it’s accomplishing something important. It’s sort of like watching young children at play in the backyard:

“Mommy, look at me, I’m the emperor of outer space.”

“That’s nice, dear.”

To hear the Left tell it, the entire country is just shocked that Rush would have referred to political activist and “student” Sandra Fluke as a slut and prostitute. And any minute now, they expect Rush to retire or be hauled away in chains.

The way this is supposed to happen is that all of Rush’s advertisers are going to abandon the No. 1 radio show and its 15 million audience members. According to the Left’s news sites and media outlets, the number of advertisers who’ve jumped off Rush’s ship varies between 50 and hundreds. Think Progress claims to have found a memo from the Traffic Directors Guild of America that reveals 140 advertisers have abandoned Limbaugh’s show.

Reality is different from the liberal perspective, though. I know you’re shocked.

First, most of the advertisers who’ve directed their ad reps not to air their commercials on Limbaugh’s show never were Rush sponsors to begin with. Like most syndicated shows, Rush’s sells sponsorships but then leaves slots open for local stations to fill with local advertisers.

Before Slutgate, most of the advertisers on the Directors Guild list already didn’t air their ads in slots on Rush’s show or other conservative shows because of potential controversies. Many of them have simply reiterated standing orders.

Actual sponsors who’ve abandoned Rush since Slutgate have only been a handful and have been quickly replaced. Of those, several have already regretted their decisions to bow to the mercurial Left.

Carbonite stock took about a 10 percent hit last week after it jumped off Rush’s ship. Even AOL dipped and finished down for the week.

Longtime sponsor Sleep Train by the end of the week was begging Rush to take them back. His team refused, citing Sleep Train’s terse public finger wagging when it had joined the boycott.

Besides generating stock drops and regrets for businesses foolish enough to go along with the Left’s ongoing hissy fit, the effort to stop Limbaugh has forever linked the name of Sandra Fluke (rhymes with “duck” or a similar-sounding word that starts with F) to the words “slut” and “prostitute.”

It has also generated massive exposure of the hypocrisy of left-wing talk hosts such as Bill Maher, who is far more misogynistic than Rush ever dreamed of being.

And it has produced some amusing side shows, such as the introduction of legislation by an Ohio state senator to require men to get a letter from their sex partner before getting a Viagra prescription.

Take that, you men!

If Rush Limbaugh isn’t taken off the air soon, and if men don’t stop trying to regulate contraception and the killing of unborn babies, the Left might have to hold its breath until it turns blue and passes out.

We should be so lucky.

Tad Cronn is the editor in chief of The Patriots Almanac and the author of the e-book Radical Reboot: How to Fix Capitalism (and Save the World).