According to Democrats, Republicans are waging a “war on women.” It has never been clear exactly what this supposed war consists of other than, of course, opposition to abortion. The only thing that is clear from the mushy-headed rhetoric of the left concerning the so-called war on women is that anyone who opposes abortion in any form, at any time, and for any reason is an enemy of women.

Liberals originally conceived the war-on-women narrative as a strategy for creating another class of victims that could be turned into a solid and dependable voting bloc for Democrats. More recently they made the narrative part of their ill-fated attempt to stem the tide of grassroots opposition to their failed policies; a rising tide that washed away their control of Congress in the mid-term elections of 2014. The war-on-women narrative utterly failed during the mid-term elections. Yet, in spite of this, Hillary Clinton’s minions are once again raising the issue as part of her campaign for the presidency.

Like most rhetoric of the left, the war-on-women narrative is based solely on emotion and bears little or no resemblance to the facts. Here is what Governor Mike Huckabee has to say about the war-on-women in his book God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy: “It was beyond ludicrous, yet quite the clever masquerade, to equate the prevailing pro-life view of Republicans to a lack of respect for women. It was, in fact, a profound regard for women that was at the heart of the Republican view that women are truly equal in worth—that they deserve, in a true meritocracy, the same opportunity and rewards that a male would receive.”

Democrats do not believe that women are equal in any way to men. This is why they treat them as helpless victims who require special treatment, special handling, and special protections; all of which are to be provided by a benevolent federal government controlled, of course, by the Democratic Party. Governor Huckabee also comments on this phenomenon in his book. Here is what he has to say about the Democrat’s portrayal of women as victims in America: “The Democrats had tried to portray women as helpless victims of their gender, able to survive only if the government would step in and rescue them, subsidize them, and assist them economically and socially.”

The problem with this women-as-helpless-victims perspective is that it flies in the face of not just the evidence but of how women view themselves. Here is what Governor Huckabee writes about the response of women to being portrayed as helpless victims: “Women I knew and talked to felt utterly exploited and were outraged to be painted as victims because they were female. The very idea directly contradicts liberal feminists, who believe they can do anything a man can do, as well as conservative women, who believe that their equal value is a gift from God and totally reject the idea that they’re helpless without Big Government saving them from their poor, delicate selves.”

What I find interesting is that liberals—particularly feminists—bemoan the supposed subjugation of women in today’s society. Liberals claim they want to empower women to be independent and able to make their own choices in life, unhindered by men or the unfair rules of what they view as a male-dominated society. But in the same breath, they advocate for entitlements and handouts that keep women dependent on the federal government for life. There is an obvious contradiction here that liberals cannot seem to grasp: subjugation by the government is still subjugation. Here is what Governor Huckabee wrote about the left’s real view of women: “…helpless, dependent creatures attached to a lease by which various government programs would lead them through their diminished little lives.”

Conservatives and Republicans seek to ensure that women enjoy equal rights and equal opportunities in a society that is based on merit, not gender or any other factor other than the value the individual—regardless of gender—brings to the table. Liberals and Democrats, on the other hand, think it is perfectly acceptable for women to be chained for life to a federal government that is too big and too indifferent to even care what happens to them. There is a war on women going on in America, but the perpetrators are not conservatives and Republicans. Rather, the perpetrators of the war on women are liberals and Democrats who view women as a convenient voting bloc that must remain perpetually chained to the federal government in a never-ending state of dependence.