One of the most consistent themes of Barack Obama’s re-election campaign was that Republicans are conducting a “war on women.” What the Republican’s supposed war on women really consists of are two components: 1) Opposition to abortion on demand for the sake of convenience, and 2) Mandatory tax-payer subsidized birth control for women. If I am following liberal logic—and I use the term loosely here—expressing moral concerns over the killing of unborn babies and thinking that women should pay for their own birth control pills constitutes an act of war. This definition of war only shows that most feminists have never been to war, or even served in the military for that matter.
Perhaps feminists should choose their metaphors more carefully. Their over-the-top rhetoric might one day come back to haunt them. For example, assume for the sake of argument that feminists and liberals in general are eventually successful in their campaign for allowing women in combat. If this happens—and they will not stop pushing until it does—there will come a time when some unfortunate women now serving in combat roles are going to find out first-hand what the term “war” really means. When women start coming home in body bags, missing limbs, or with traumatic brain injuries, feminists who think opposition to abortion and tax-supported birth control constitutes war are going to look like the foolish zealots they are.
However, I do not expect the irresponsible rhetoric to stop. After all, it was feminists and liberals in general who decided that since the term abortion conjured up unpleasant images of what it really is—the brutal murder of unborn babies—they would go for a spin-control homerun and start calling it choice. With that little linguistic trick accomplished, they nailed their strategy down by couching their pro-abortion argument in terms of a woman’s right to choose. If you can overlook the dishonesty, distortion, and deceit—not to mention the mass murder it covers up—playing the name game with abortion was a brilliant political strategy. After all, who would want to deny a woman her rights, particularly the right of choice?
For liberals of all stripes, including feminists, indulging in over-the-top rhetoric is just another day at the office. Further, with Hillary Clinton waiting in the wings for the 2016 presidential campaign, feminists are no doubt already sharpening their rhetorical daggers. This comment about Hillary assumes, of course, that she is able to stay out of jail as the Benghazi version of Watergate continues to unfold. However, if Hillary crashes and burns over Benghazi and/or the subsequent cover up, feminists will find another standard bearer for their nefarious cause.
What is especially sad about the feminist-liberal alliance is that it is not Republicans and conservatives who are making war on women, but liberal Democrats. Liberals in Congress and the White House who have done more real harm to women than conservatives could possibly have done with their opposition to abortion on demand and mandatory tax-supported birth control. The truth is that the party making war on women in America the Democrats and the warrior leading the charge is Barack Obama. As a group, women have suffered more under Barack Obama than under any other president in America’s history.
During President Obama’s administration the unemployment rate for women reached unprecedented heights, the number of women on welfare grew exponentially, and the treatment of women who hold traditional values or conservative views turned vicious. In fact, during the Obama administration the harshest war on women has been waged against conservative women who have run for political office. These women—think of Sarah Palin and Micelle Bachman—have been vilified, degraded, and belittled for daring to step forward in ways that do not comport with liberal orthodoxy. Conservative women do not fit the mold liberals, feminists, and the mainstream media try to force them into. Hence, they must be defeated regardless of their abilities, dedication to our country, and monumental accomplishments. There is something badly wrong when a woman’s accomplishments cannot be celebrated and appreciated simply because she has a conservative worldview.
Here is a message for feminists and liberals. If you want to stop the war on women, elect a conservative as president in 2016. Liberals and feminists use women to advance their agendas. Conservatives respect women for the invaluable asset they are.