Fifty-five million.  In the forty years since the Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade, there have been more than Fifty-Five MILLION abortions legally undertaken in the United States of America.  Those numbers are staggering.  And yet, by international standards, that is just a drop in the bucket. In Europe abortion rates are much higher. In Japan abortion has been legal and easily accessible for much longer (since the end of WWII), and throughout the Third World the occurrences of abortion are impossible to track, but the anecdotal evidence is terrifying.
Twenty seven million. 
Today somewhere on our planet some twenty-seven million people will awaken to another dawn of living as slave to another.  Whether it is a young boy in West Africa rising to work the day in a cocoa field, or a little girl in South East Asia who has been sold into prostitution, the stink of slavery still rises all over our fallen earth.  Slavery is not an evil of the 17th and 18th century but “an almighty calumny” that is more dominant in this generation than any that have come before it.  That’s right, today there are more human beings waking to a life of bondage than on any other day in human history.

If our world and culture were to be judged from outside today, any rational and just judge would point to two examples of the massive failure of humanity:  slavery and abortion.  We are a disgusting and evil population, constantly searching for ways to rationalize away our collective sin.  
“I don’t own slaves.” “I’ve never had an abortion.” “I think people who kill are bad.” 

More precious to us than our rights as humans are our rights as consumers.  I know this because each and every day Americans who would presumably be against slavery purchase goods formed by the hands of enslaved workers from all over our planet.  If you truly hate slavery, stop buying chocolate until the chocolate companies start ensuring slave free products.  If you truly hate slavery, spend your hard earned dollars donating it to groups with boots on the ground fighting human trafficking all over the world.  We must fight the distribution and pervasiveness of pornography, which makes millions off the forced servitude of hundreds of thousands women and girls.  Lobby for harsher penalties for Americans who travel abroad to participate in the illicit sexual activities.  We must affect a change in culture that says illicit sexual activity is abhorrent, and anyone engaged in human trafficking will not just be punished legally but will become quite literally an outcast in society.  We must attach a stigma so horrific that it creates more fear than our legal system can provide.  Conservatives must show a united front against a liberal media that constantly seeks to dehumanize women and exploit our innate sexuality by bombarding us constantly with sexual imagery.  Whether or not they care to admit it, the liberal media elite of our Western society is one of the root causes of the rampant nature of underground sexual slavery today.  The degradation of women and the creation of a culture of casual sex has led to an ever expanding market for sexual deviancy, and the human traffickers are more than willing to provide the supply to meet this demand.  To destroy slavery, particularly sexual slavery, we must take an active role in this fight.

Conservatives in America have been protesting against abortion since 1973. We have voted for pro-life politicians, donated to pro-life causes, stood in processions and chanted at rallies, and for the most part walked away feeling as if we’ve done “our job”.  In what sense have we even begun to do justice for these fifty five million murdered souls? It is outrageous to think that just by attending a rally or giving a few dollars to a cause that we have done “our part”. I don’t say this to attack or belittle but to spark thought and dialogue.  What should we be doing to fight the forces that support abortion?  The answer is everything within our means: more protests, more rallies, more money, and much more disobedience.  We must advocate more vociferously for adoption as well. Adoption should be cheaper, easier, and becoming adoptive parents should be considered by all pro-life advocates.  How can we fight to end abortion and not admonish pro-life couples to adopt?
Abortion is and should be the most important “political” issue to us today.  We must work harder to educate our political opponents who see us as opposed to women’s choice, when in reality our argument has nothing to do with the rights of women but for the rights of children who have no voice.  We do not seek to legislate whether or not two consenting adults can carry on a sexual relationship, but to protect life once that relationship has created it.  We don’t look to tell any woman how to treat her own body but only to protect the new life created once a couple has used their freedoms as they see fit.

All other political/social/cultural/legal issues should take a backseat to our fight against abortion.  It is an abhorrent evil and every day that we do not fight it as if we stand idly by and give our consent to the genocide of an entire generation.  Do we truly believe abortion is murder?  Prove it, pro-life America, prove it.

Our modern culture has allowed itself to become tainted by evil, and we have been asleep as society has succumbed to the evils of slavery and abortion.  The time to stand up and fight these evils has come. We cannot rest until slavery is truly abolished and the genocide of abortion has been quelled.
Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness…”