As I sit down to write this column we are only one week away from what we all believe is a monumentally important election. At the same time our nation waits breathlessly to discover just how deep and wide the damage from Hurricane Sandy will be. However, my concerns today are not just in the election’s outcome or the storm’s reach. That is because this columnist senses a larger storm bearing down on our Republic. This storm is more far reaching than Sandy and will resonate for years beyond this particular election.

I have written before on this site of the storm brewing amongst patriotic Americans who would return to first principles and a belief in the Constitution as written. That front, vibrant and still growing, has run full force into another opposing front. Namely, a full forty-five percent of the people in this country still support Barack Obama. This Republic is still strong enough to survive Barack Obama. It is strong enough to survive a single disastrous Presidency (even one which has likely wrought damage that we have not yet contemplated).  I wonder however if it is strong enough to survive the mentality and the mindset that not only brought him to power, but that continues to see him as worthy of a second term.

Many have purported that it was a desire to cauterize the lingering wounds of racism that allowed Obama’s empty “hope and change” rhetoric to resonate with millions of Americans. While this must certainly have been a factor, I do not agree that it was the predominant reason.

For over one hundred years our nation has been marching steadily down the path of humanism and egalitarianism. Though we are the most blessed nation in the history of mankind, we have rejected God in favor of facile evolutionary philosophy. At the same time, even as we enjoy the greatest level of prosperity and most prominent middle class ever realized by any economic system, forty-five per cent of our population seems determined to reject that system for some ill-conceived and unattainable theory of “social justice”.

The too often ignored Paul Elmer More was prescient in his Shelburne Essays (1904) when he wrote, “Like a great old tree, our society has been dying at the top. The educated classes are in danger of turning traitors to the civilization which sustains them-deluded by humanitarianism, perhaps ignorant of their own proper duties.” Christianity and its closest economic counterpart free market capitalism (an admittedly imperfect and flawed counterpart but by far the most Christian of any that has yet been invented) built this nation into what it is today. Yet Obama supporters would run headlong toward anything that promises equality, namely in the government induced leveling of property, even where equality is not merited. How to make these people see that they yearn for that which would be their own undoing?

I think of the mindset of men like Warren Buffett who, now that he has prospered beyond anyone’s imagination from the capitalist system, would now dismantle it. Again More writes, “There is something at once comical and vicious in the spectacle of those men of property who take advantage of their leisure to dream out vast benevolent schemes which would render their own self-satisfied career impossible.”

At the same time, the insistence of our culture of bowing at the altar of evolutionary philosophy and humanism has resulted in half of the population being unable to be incensed by the virulently unconstitutional Obamacare or the cowardice and incompetence of Benghazi.  Ironically, the more we seek sameness for everyone, the more we flee from personal responsibility in favor of the misguided and mythical ethic of “the brotherhood of man” (see Marx,) the further away we get from anything that resembles justice for all. On our current path, we would sacrifice opportunity and liberty for a creed of envy driven by the “winds of doctrine” of a mob.

Those of us who have been awakened by this election process must realize that victory next Tuesday is only step one of what will require a hundred more steps. We as conservatives must continue to use critical thought and argument to somehow chip away at the mindset that brought an anti-colonialist, socialist, and environmental extremist like Barack Obama to power.  I close with one more quote from the Shelburne Essays, “Humanitarians, having dissolved the old loyalties and prescriptions, find themselves defenseless before the boss, the union-leader, the political policeman, the very pitiless machine-society they had welcomed. Fear, like injustice and sin, will not be eradicated from the world; but the fear of modern civilization is a terror peculiarly hideous. What is to be done? It looks as if, first of all, we need somehow or other to get the fear of God back into society.”


Chris Skates is the author of the novel, Going Green: For Some It Has Nothing To Do With The Environment. He has been published in dozens of national magazines and has authored multiple technical articles in his field of Chemistry. You can follow his blog at