So there it is.  We lost…again.  Today the talking heads will begin the discussion of “what went wrong”?  How in the world did Mitt Romney lose an election where the major concern was the economy and the majority of the population preferred Romney to the President on the economy? It makes no sense – and yet, in a very real way – it makes perfect sense.


More than 90% of the African-American population voted for the President.  More than 80% of the Latino population voted for the President. Almost 60% of the white population voted for Governor Romney – an amazing turnout of the white vote for any candidate.  In fact, this is about as good a turnout as the Republicans could have hoped for, and it was just not enough.  If the Party doesn’t make some serious changes, it won’t be enough in 2016 either.


The nature of America is changing, as a nation our birth rates continue to drop but subsets of our national population are still growing.  Those subsets are minority groups.  Our demographics will continue to shift and we will continue to see the rise of minority groups (through natural growth rate and through immigration) and the deterioration of the majority population.  These are the facts.  It makes no sense to fight, argue, and debate about them – anyone who has even spent a small amount of time studying Human Geography and Demographic shift can tell you, these numbers won’t change.  Human demographic shift is a Titanic-like vessel, and turning the boat around takes tremendous effort and time… the point is, American demographics will continue to shift and we can’t stop it.


Where does that leave a majority white Party?  The way I see it, we have come to a fork in the road and we must choose a path.  We can continue down, in our current direction, milking every drop from the ever shrinking white vote hoping that the next election will have less minority turn out and just enough bad stuff will have happened that the electorate will be looking for change. (Seriously, can four years be more of an unmitigated disaster than the last four? And we still didn’t win!) If we choose this path, I think that we will continue to lose national elections while be able to hold onto solidly red regional seats.  We may keep control of the House, perhaps we can take back the Senate… but at a national level we will become a solidly Democrat nation.  In my view the Presidency is not the most important elected office, but the President holds the power of the “Bully Pulpit” and he can use it to shape the national conversation.  This power (as well as the strength of leading on international affairs) will continue to erode the Republican strength across the country, and eventually our Party, the Grand Old Part, will be a footnote in the history books.  This isn’t hyperbole, folks.  It’s reality.


It doesn’t have to be that way, though.  We could choose the “other” path.  We could choose to embrace this changing demographic and welcome them to our ever changing America.  We are the Party of the rule of law, and that is good.  It gives us perspective, moral clarity, and it places us on the right side of history.  Which is why to win the future, we must change the law.  I have said it on the pages of this site before: immigration is not a Party issue–there are members of both sides with quite diverse opinions on what should be done with the illegal population already here, and what should be done with the immigrant population who wants to be here.


Well, it’s time to make immigration a party line issue.  Republicans must become the Party of immigration. I know it’s hard to hear, and for some of you, harder to stomach.  But we are dying.  We are not converting enough of our local minority population to the gospel of smaller government, individual liberty, and strong national defense.  The “whys” and “hows” don’t matter, because the reality is what we’re doing isn’t working!  If you think that Democrats win the minority vote because of their stance on welfare issues then we might as well pack up and go home, because that’s not changing.  BUT if you believe that our message can win converts, the only path towards continued solvency is to win the minority communities who are seeking to make America home.


Republicans must not just follow the Democrats lead on a path to citizenship, the Republicans must lead.  Congressional Republicans need to write the legislation that gives millions of illegals a path to becoming legal and documented members of our society – without penalty.  Congressional Republicans must wholly change our immigration laws and racist quota systems to allow for more legal (and I mean millions more) immigrants from Latin American and Asia.  Today, our quotas skew to Europe – when there is but a trickle of Europeans seeking entry.  If the Republicans lead on immigration and open our doors and our economic power to the millions who seek nothing but to make a better life for themselves and their families…we will turn the tide.


Latinos (much like African Americans) are generally social conservatives with powerful religious values.  The divide is our rhetoric on the immigration issue.  Democrats talk a better game about being sympathetic to the Latino migrant condition, but they do nothing.  When (and if) Republicans act, it will be like a political hurricane, sweeping vast portions of the new American electorate into the Grand Old Party.  We must act quickly. We must be loud, even boisterous, in our action.  Do not let the left co-opt this opportunity.  Make sure that America and the world understand that the legislation is written and driven by a Republican Party that is hungry to prove that the American way is more beneficial to society than European socialism or the despotic regimes created by political unrest and economic troubles in Latin America.


I know this answer will be controversial, but give it some thought, I truly believe the choice is between insolvency (the status quo) and broadening the ethnic tent.  Open the Doors, Republicans… and the future may yet be ours.