Though he enters this week’s Republican National Convention with a decent chance at winning the presidency, Mitt Romney has made some blunders along the way–the most serious of which may be his campaign’s failure thus far to highlight the charm and personality of his wife, Ann. Today’s joint interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday showed Americans what we have been missing–and what an opportunity has been missed.

The Romneys are a heartwarming couple, comfortable with themselves and what they have accomplished together, eager to share the hospitality of their home with family and friends. Amidst all the talk of grocery shopping at Costco and setting chores for the kids, what emerges in the Fox interview is a genuine chemistry, an interplay between two different but complimentary individuals who care very deeply for each other.

The contrast to Barack and Michelle Obama is subtle but perhaps crucial. The Obamas have often seemed to exude an undercurrent of resentment in interviews with, and about, each other. They share common political commitments, but Michelle Obama has also been openly skeptical of her husband’s ambitions, especially after his congressional defeat in 2000, and even when he was first discussed as a presidential candidate in 2004.

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