Just when you think the president can’t possibly get any more preposterous…

The vice presidential buffoon usually takes point when it comes to making moronic pronouncements. Not this week. The dollar has been jettisoned as the de-facto measure of currency by China and even by our ally, Australia, we find ourselves on the brink of war with yet another self-deluded despot with delusions of godhood (not ours, this time; North Korea’s) and we are drowning in a leftist-manufactured financial crisis, among other things. What action does the president think will counteract our economic woes and get America’s job situation out of its catastrophic sink-hole? In yet another, bloviating speech, the Lyin’ King assumed the title “Scientist-In-Chief “this week and launched the BRAIN project. To the tune of $3 billion dollars over the next 10 years.

You’re probably thinking you didn’t get that on the first bounce. Regretfully, you did. The Imperial President shared a spurious, self-deprecating laugh with the press stating “I’m glad I’ve been promoted Scientist-in-Chief.” This comment reportedly produced sycophantic chuckles among the press corpse present. He went on:”Given my grades in physics, I’m not sure it’s deserving. But I hold science in proper esteem, so maybe that gives me a little credit.” No, actually, it doesn’t. Never mind that the nation, apparently, will never get to see his grades in physics or anything else. Would this be the same “respect” for science led him to mandate that NASA be prevented from further space exploration and transformed, instead, into a Muslim outreach effort? And, who exactly, appointed the Lyin’ King “Scientist-In-Chief”, in the first place? Oh yes, that would be…he, himself. Well, since he’s appropriated the moniker of “Everything-Else-In Chief,” why stop now?

This new, presidential initiative would be laugh-out-loud funny at any other time. America’s plight, however, prevents that from being possible. The Lyin’ King actually attempted to pass off the BRAIN initiative as a remedy for America’s fiscal ills: “Today I’ve invited some of the smartest people in the country, some of the most imaginative and effective researchers in the country — some very smart people to talk about the challenge that I issued in my State of the Union address: to grow our economy, to create new jobs, to reignite a rising, thriving middle class by investing in one of our core strengths, and that’s American innovation…” He’s not talking about how American success and ingenuity have been achieved since before our founding. No, he’s talking about yet another government program. One that maps the function of the human brain.

The-Scientist-In-Chief waxed euphoric about the number of neurons present in the human brain (100 billion for those of you who are interested), how no computer is as effective as the human brain and how critical it is to support human innovation. That last statement should set off a “hold it!” buzzer; the Lyin’ King has never before been interested in supporting human innovation. BRAIN is a very long-term project. How does that jibe with resolving America’s fiscal woes? He also stated that he wants this project to map all of our neurons. Aha. The Atlantic Wire suggests that many in the scientific community are unhappy with this project. They state that, at best, the goals are disorganized and obscure. Pretty much like everything else The Imperial President proposes. If ever successful, which many doubt, the project would allow access and “maybe even control our minds.”

In over four years there has been no attempt, whatsoever, to change the ruinous direction in which the president has maneuvered the nation. As usual, instead of allowing America’s neurons to function without governmental interference, he is proposing further, enormous, federal expense. He floats nebulous schemes with America on the brink of ruin. America has been handed another exorbitant parlor trick instead of a legitimate solution. The Fraud-In-Chief‘s BRAIN requires far more work than the constituency’s neurons do.