National Review was the prototype for conservative commentary when it was founded by the great William F. Buckley back in 1955, and 60 years later it has managed to stay near the top of an ever-expanding digital pack of bloggers and pundits.

Obviously such a run could only happen if the first principles of such an institution were zealously guarded, and winsomely communicated by writers and thinkers uniquely unafraid to follow in Buckley’s giant footsteps and tell it like it is.

Unfortunately, it appears those first principles aren’t going to be as zealously guarded, let alone defended, as they once were. In a column written by managing editor Jason Lee Steorts, National Review apparently decided they didn’t want social conservatives — the third and largest leg of Reagan’s famed three-legged stool — to read their stuff anymore when they full-throated embraced the Rainbow Jihad.

And just like that a legacy marked by staring down Marxists both foreign and domestic is no more. National Review has been surrendered to America’s Cultural Marxists. So much for the legacy founded by the man who gave us God and Man at Yale.

That takes some serious selling out.

This isn’t totally out of left field, though. Steorts began showing his true colors back in 2013 when he ran Mark Steyn – arguably one of the most courageous and entertaining conservatives of the last decade – out of National Review for daring to call the agenda of the Rainbow Jihad into question.

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