I must need my eyeglasses adjusted. Everybody looks stupid today.

An April 6th story by Chris Cilliza in the Washington Post leads off with this, “Former Ohio governor Ted Strickland is ahead of Sen. Rob Portman (R) by nine points in a new Quinnipiac University poll out today, a result that has to make Democrats eyeing the possibility of retaking the Senate in 2016 very, very happy.

Strickland stands at 48 percent to 39 percent for Portman, who, after stints in the House and the Bush administration, is in the midst of his first Senate term. Strickland’s lead is built almost exclusively on an 18-point edge over Portman among independents — although he also wins a larger portion of self-identified Democrats (85 percent) than Portman does among Republicans (79 percent).”

The italics are mine because that statement illustrates a point which must be underscored; Conservatives are not winning the hearts and minds of anyone. Sorry. You must show heart to win hearts, and you must bear that in mind to win minds. Otherwise 4 million Republicans sit on their duffs come Election Day and Independents push Democrats past the finish line.

For every ten lies liberals tell it takes just one knucklehead parading in front of some school with a rifle to wash away those lies. You want to be lied to or shot at?

For every ten lies liberals tell it takes just one Republican politician to argue that abortion is an infamita even in a case of rape to drown out those lies. You want to be lied to or carry a rapist’s seed to term?

It is well observed that Democrats are the party of complaint and Republicans the party of stupid. Stupid from top to bottom.

Who asked for a third helping of Bush on the election plate? I don’t recall anyone calling for this particular name, but here he is; at or near the lead in polling and donation lists. We have the top of the Republican Party to thank for the muddy scrum about to unfold; today I learned that Jeb Bush made himself an honorary Hispanic on his voter registration card. You and I know Elizabeth Warren painted herself Amerind in order to benefit from quotas in academia. Which story do you think the Press will cement into American Folklore?

Call this the Republican top 1% of stupid exercising their stupid in the stupidest of places for the stupidest of reasons.

So what do you want? You can’t demand 50 Religious Freedom Acts and call for a smaller government with fewer regulations at the same time. It’s a brand of…stupid. Besides, do you really believe those laws will be enforced to protect you? Republicans whined all week that President Bill Clinton signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 into law, so why can’t we have such laws passed in the States? Hey, stupid, those laws will be used to protect peyote sacraments and sharia law enclaves, not you. How well did the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 protect the butcher, the baker, the floral arrangement maker?

Don’t we already have enough laws that are not enforced? Seems… I don’t know, stupid, to call for more laws. About anything.

Deep inside you are aware that, once more, the right has lost its way. You can tell when that happens; we become a parody of the left. We complain about the treatment of blacks, of gays, of women, of immigrants. We just complain from what educators once loved to call a different paradigm. We complain that these groups are being treated too well.

That argument sounds like a surefire loser to me.

You win by focusing on the real problem.

So let’s call for less spending.

And mean it this time.

The beast is not black, not gay, not a woman, not an immigrant. The beast is a two-headed monster called Spending; a projected 2016 budget of over 4 trillion dollars, and a federal debt of $18,160,695,603,117.98. The estimated population of the United States is 320,342,474 so each citizen’s share of this debt is $56,691.50.

The beast is scary to look at, but look we must in order to focus on defeating him. Virtually everything else is sideshow smoke and mirrors. This spending pace has accelerated in spite of the victories we gave so-called fiscally conservative Republicans in the last two off-year elections. Now they want to give us Jeb Bush. I wonder why?

4 Trillion. Looks like this when expressed numerically: 4,000,000,000,000.

There are a total of 535 Senators and Congressmen representing American citizens. Each Senator and Congressman’s share of that budget is 7,476,635,514.18. That is almost 7 and ½ billion dollars in spending per representative.

When you go to vote you must decide if your Senator or Congressman is worth 7 and 1/2 billion dollars to you.

That is if you bother to vote. Over 4,000,000 Republicans didn’t bother in 2012.

That’s another way you wind up looking stupid.