Schools no longer strive for truth,  wisdom and knowledge—their goal is to propagate agenda-driven opinion. Period.

We’ve allowed breathtakingly-selfish, political-hack unions to take over ‘all aspects’ of our public education system,  and now they dictate the curriculum –without even a whimper of a challenge., They have become so massive,  we don’t even know ‘how’ to challenge.

When the system fails… our educators don’t blame the ‘dues paying’ teachers’—but they blame and diagnose the children…by the millions,  with “learning disabilities’ (aka ADD, ADHD) and put these kids on drugs (behavioral medications).

“One size WILL fit all”…even if we have to force it.

Imagine school-age versions of Albert Einstein, Robin Williams, John Lennon & Jeffery Dahmer in a class together…circa 2012.  Who would be more apt to work quietly in a ‘drone-like’ manner? Who would be diagnosed with ‘learning disabilities’ and drugged?

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