I found myself stuck at the doctor’s office with a dead phone and without my tablet. After smacking myself in the head a few times I went on the hunt for reading material. The germaphobe in me came out when I realized there were an awful lot of sick people in the waiting room with me (imagine that) and I decided touching a five-year-old magazine wasn’t such a good idea. Next, I hit my purse, planning to read receipts or purge the trash but lo and behold…reading material!

Years ago, Liberty Alliance started offering a pocket size copy of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence for free, just the cost of shipping and handling or a free download. They added three more pocket size books; The Catechism of the Constitution, Rules for Conservative Radicals and the Right Wing Handbook for the same deal. Of course I took advantage of the deal, not only for myself but for my husband, our four adult children, our 13-year-old and a few copies for the little ones when they are old enough! Yes, they’re all over my house! I didn’t even recall throwing the Right Wing Handbook into my bag but there it was, nestled amongst the nastiness that is a Mommy Purse.

The Right Wing Handbook was written by Dr. David L. Goetsch. His profile at Patriot Update says Goetsch is the author of over 70 books, a retired college Vice-President professor of business and political science, a business consultant, and a widely recognized public speaker. The simple wisdom in Ring Wing Handbook is something that all citizens can learn from. For Tea Party, 912 Project members and other citizens involved in trying to uphold the Constitution, it is mandatory reading! Sitting there reading, I felt comfort in the words, an ease of understanding. Basically, the breaking down of what seems like insurmountably difficult politics into something with such ease that it translates into pure common sense.

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