You know, I am seriously worried about what America has become and who Americans are becoming.  There is stupid everywhere, especially in our youth.


The dictionary says that stupid means:

Slow of mind, given to unintelligent decisions or acts, acting in an unintelligent or careless manner, lacking intelligence or reason.

The dictionary says that ignorant means:

Lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified.


Even though the dictionary defines STUPID as a diminished capacity to learn and IGNORANT as simply not having the facts on something, I want to use them both to mean ignorant here. I like the word stupid, especially when describing the young people in America. By using stupid the same as ignorant I assume for them THE ABILITY TO LEARN and I still get to say “stupid”, which I like.


Many moons ago I was young and, of course, stupid. I had been dating a lovely young lady for only a few months when she told me she was pregnant. Being a young guy with no real ties or responsibility was fun for me and I didn’t want to be a daddy. No way. So of course I told my nervous, pregnant girlfriend of four months to “abort the mission”. Literally, that’s what I said. See I was stupid. Big-time stupid. Arrogant too obviously, but that’s for another column…I will stick to stupid here.


Wouldn’t you know that girl (a stubborn Italian) told me she’d be having the baby with or without me and so without me, (my choice) she moved home with her parents and had a baby girl. Now after almost thirty years my daughter is a grown and married woman and soon will be a Mom herself. I am married to her mom now for 29 years and it’s been great. My beautiful wife gave me a son two years after my daughter came along. If not for her refusal to abort her baby we might never have continued together, my son may not exist, the great life I’ve had might be quite different. How stupid was I? I could leave you a large blank area here to tell me how stupid and you’d be right.


Young people make bad decisions and do dumb things and don’t have the life experience to realize it. Easily swayed and eager to please they’re are easy pickings for the Liberal media, Liberal Hollywood, Liberal school teachers and Liberal college professors who are molding their soft squishy brain matter into a mixed up mass of indoctrinated bullsh……witness “Occupy Wall Street”. By the time their age and experience gives them wisdom it will likely be far too late for them to change the mess their Government has put them in.


It’s sad to think that when today’s young people are grown up they will face problems we never could have imagined. The road we’re headed down as a Country will have many potholes for them: ridiculous tax rates, overwhelming debt, an overbearing heavy handed government, loss of personal freedoms and the nightmare of Agenda 21. Since the young are stupid to all of it they can’t see it coming. When they get to the age to understand all that’s been done to them….they’re gonna be pissed!



If you have children in the indoctrination camps (aka school system) I pity you. My kids are grown up and are out of the camps (which weren’t NEARLY as bad as now). Kids today are being taught that capitalism is evil and corporations are evil, and making a profit is evil. They are being exposed to and trained in the art of redistribution. Get them used to it now and we can easily force it down their willing throats later.  Look to the “State”. The State is Mother, father, family, provider, arbiter of everything, your whole world. Look to the State! The highly Liberal States are pushing their “Earth first, Mother Government first” agenda the most.  These States are Democrat run and mostly bankrupt. Yummy.


Young folks are too inexperienced and STUPID to see that they are being used and molded into what their Government wants and needs them to be. Like Hitler’s “Brown Shirts” these kids are being shaped into true believers of the Socialist cause. The Progressive Liberals like Obama and his ilk want and NEED our kids to be “socialized”, dependent, unthinking, union minded, freedom-less.


The natural state of man is freedom. People will ALWAYS choose freedom over slavery. Independence over dependence. Of course if one has never known freedom how can they miss having it? The freedom is being beaten out of our youth and at the same time they are being taught that America has been the bully of the world, becoming what it is through exploitation of innocent people. That’s the focus. More than a few times recently I have heard people in our Government lay praise on China as a great model of success. China! Communist friggin’ China. You know where they have forced sterilization and a limit on children for example. Where most of the people work hard for next to nothing and you can disappear for voicing discontent. Yes, China. Is that the example of an American future for our kids?


The youth of America are being used big time. Look at Occupy Wall St. Lots of young folks showing up to rail against what the Liberals told them to rail against….Wall St. They weren’t aware (cause they’re too stupid) that Wall St. was the biggest donor to their beloved Barak Obama’s election campaign. These tools should be protesting the colleges that are ripping them and their parents off. With ever increasing tuition they support the Liberal professors and administrators who work hard at telling students that the generations before them got everything wrong, and how terrible America is. (People in “academia”, for the most part, make me want to puke.) Does anyone think for a minute that the “occupy” types would ever be invited to sit at the big Elitists’ table with the leaders who have them out fighting their battles? That’ll never happen but again, they’re to stupid to see it, to see their vanishing independence, freedoms, greatness, opportunities.


If it’s true that youth is wasted on the young then I submit that experience is wasted on the old. If you have kids in the American indoctrination camps and you aren’t combing through everything they’re being taught and correcting the Liberal/Socialist/Communist crap being pushed on them, you are hurting them just as bad. Our youth MUST be taught independence, Self-reliance, Personal responsibility, To recoil from handouts, To feel shame in reliance on Government for food, heat, home, etc.


If there are intelligent people left in America may they come to the aid of our young people who are being used and programmed to be the robots of the Progressive future and Agenda 21. I can only hope.