Everyone has raised questions about The Lyin’ King’s background since his first term in office. Everyone, that is, except the mainstream media. As far as one can make out, a prospective owner for a stray dog receives more serious vetting from an animal shelter than he got in order to become our very own Federal- god-in Chief.

The media has been getting its collective knickers in a twist for three days, attempting to avoid any possibility of “profiling” when talking about suspects for the massacre in Boston. It is clear that they don’t even understand what profiling means. What they are really afraid of, as a body, is that the perpetrator of the atrocity will not be a right-wing, white American. Salon magazine, in the words of columnist David Sirota, actually said: “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.” The fear, as expressed by Sirota, being that if a “person of color”, especially a foreign national, is arrested The Lyin’ King’s leftist agenda, like gun control (Harry Reid actually slipped up and referred to it that way on Tuesday), like amnesty, will be derailed. Sirota is far from alone in these fears. Despite photos having been released today, of swarthy men with oversized back packs in the area, the MSM is pathetic in its efforts to convince the public that there is nothing to see here.

On Thursday the Lyin’ King condescended to shift his carcass to Boston, where he received fawning adoration, shedding his grace on a city rocked by gruesome, terrorist activity. He poured the balm of his presence on the crowd, once again blathering instead of acting, using smoke and mirrors to wave away the horror of an act which, currently, has no responsible party in custody. According to him, “We will finish the race.” How inspiring. How believable. At least it would be if he didn’t appear to be deporting the individual responsible before he can be prosecuted.

The first “person of interest” considered in the Boston Marathon bombings is a Saudi national, 20-year-old Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi. Alharbi is said to be part of a prominent Saudi family. He is also reported to be part of a terrorist cell in Boston. Shortly after accounts were very cautiously publicized about his being detained in the hospital, where he was being treated for wounds incurred in the explosion, the FBI backpeddled and said it wasn’t so. Alharbi is, however, now scheduled to be peremptorily deported on Tuesday, on “national security grounds.” National security grounds? Why? According to Reuters, Alharbi’s hasty giddyap from the USA follows a meeting The Lyin’ King attended with our national security advisor, Tom Donilon and Saudi foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal yesterday. So, before The Lyin’ King went to Boston today to anoint the crowd with crocodile tears, he’d met with the Saudis; the meeting was not previously scheduled. It must be stressed that the Imperial President doesn’t do anything that is not “previously scheduled.” Not visits to ravaged hurricane Sandy locales, not golf; nothing, period. So why this unscheduled meeting, to discuss Syria? When the only outcome was an agreement to unceremoniously expel the first “person of interest” in an American city bombing for “national security reasons”? America can’t possibly get rid of a single illegal invader but this is his priority?

The Lyin’ King, has been responsible for neutering our armed forces, our nuclear defenses and arming our enemies in the midst of his sequester. He has also been discovered to have one more notch on his belt; The UK Daily Mail reported on the day after the Boston bombings that The Lyin’ King had cut the budget for preventing domestic bombings by almost 50%…$20 million to $11 million, well before the “sequester.” Not a peep from the MSM about this. In fact, were it not for a foreign newspaper, it is doubtful the information would have ever come to light.

According to spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden, “The president and Prince Saud al-Faisal reaffirmed the strong partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia…” What a relief. But what about having a strong partnership with America? How are we to believe the government once they announce a suitable culprit for the attack in Boston? Hasn’t the time come to ask whose side this president is on? It seems, like Lucille Ball, The Lyin’ King has “a lot of ‘splaining to do.”